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  1. Who is responsible for treating your Crohn's Disease?
  2. Your Medical Team
  3. Are you a Lefty or Righty (Believe it or not, Crohn's Related!)
  4. Did you have Antibiotics as a kid?
  5. Should Dr's be required to be a 'patient' as part of their training?
  6. Were you diagnosed right first time?
  7. Do you smoke?
  8. IBD and autism
  9. What sex is your doctor/gastroenterologist?
  10. Uc or cd?
  11. Do you have a stoma?
  12. Diet or no Diet
  13. What is your doctor's opinion of natural remedies/supplements?
  14. Is exercise important in maintaining your condition?
  15. Do you participate in any IBD related fundraising events?
  16. Is your doctor (not specialist) knowledgeable about Crohn's and IBD?
  17. Is it ok to be considered a "crohnnie" or other term?
  18. How much information do you like to know about your disease?
  19. To Sleep Or Not To Sleep?
  20. Know any Crohn's Disease community members?
  21. How many times a day do you have a bowel movement?
  22. How many times?
  23. Any one from egypt
  24. Are you shy?
  25. City water or well water?
  26. Your Experience with Crohn's
  27. Crohn`s and fathering
  28. New JHT Video!
  29. Bleeding
  30. How much do you work?
  31. You don't look sick.
  32. Mouth Ulcers
  33. Joint Pain
  34. Have you had your appendix removed?
  35. To Puke or not to Puke?
  36. Can crohn's be treated without the use of medication?
  37. Remicade Vs. Humira
  38. Prednisone Vs. Budesonide: Battle of the steroids
  39. Month you were born.
  40. Good idea?
  41. Negative scope after positive
  42. Negative scope after positive
  43. Crohn's = Pain Med Tolerance ?
  44. Stomach Involvement
  45. Relationships and IBD
  46. Flares- frequency and duration
  47. How old are you?
  48. GI doctors
  49. Maintenance meds or no meds
  50. Where is your crohns located
  51. What do you think your trigger is: Stress or Food?
  52. How many poos per day
  53. Does high fructose corn syrup trigger flares?
  54. Who had IBS prior to developing/being diagnosed with Crohn's?
  55. Do you find you flare the same time each year? Weather changes affect flare?
  56. Crohn's Disease and Teeth
  57. Fasting and IBD?
  58. Juicing
  59. Did you ever take Accutane
  60. Other non-IBD related illnesses