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  20. Dating/Relationships with IBD
  21. My boyfriend has Crohn's and I'm fully supportive!
  22. Meningitis outbreak among MSM
  23. My fun date with a doctor
  24. When did you reveal to your significant others about having Crohn's or Colitis?
  25. Have you come across someone who could not understand you when revealing your disease on a date?
  26. My boyfriend has Crohn's, how can I help?
  27. Study Finds: More Support Needed for Inflammatory Bowel Disease GLBT Community
  28. Anal sex with IBD
  29. Coming out about IBD: transferable skills from the GLBT population in the UK
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  31. Body Image & Crohn's - How do you cope?
  32. Close friend passed and his family is being horrible to partner & friends
  33. "Coming out" with Crohn's to girl I'm dating
  34. Do Ask, Do Tell: Talking to your provider about being LGBT
  35. Marriage Equality before the Supreme Court
  36. Trans, undiagnosed, but living well
  37. Double standard between male & female medical staff?
  38. Crohn's & Colitis UK Research Study on Gays & Lesbians with IBD
  39. Schools defend right to expel gays.
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  41. My story on Crohn's and dating life
  42. One of my biggest fears may become reality ;(
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  44. Crohn's helps transgender pot producer avoid jail
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  46. I'm being told my sexuality caused Crohn's
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  54. New here: Needing some fistula support. Just had my 5th fistula repair and 2nd fistula plug placement.
  55. New here but glad To find you.
  56. Percentage of gay men in the USA
  57. Out2Enroll - Educating the LGBT Community on the Affordable Care Act
  58. Our Stories: The Discovery....
  59. "Blind Date" - A Crohn's Disease comedy
  60. Any IBD exercise tips to improve body image?