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  1. Welcome to Partners, Family, and Friends
  2. Tips for better supporting people with IBD
  3. Thank you so much to the supportive partners, family, and friends out there
  4. What's The Difference?
  5. Working
  6. My Story
  7. Help after surgery
  8. Happy to be apart
  9. Thankful for this forum
  10. I need some advice
  11. Newbie
  12. I'm back with more questions . . .
  13. Our first hospitalization.
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  15. Here we go
  16. Relationships for YA with crohns
  17. Being a support system. Advice!
  18. Just happy to be here, too
  19. Question to partners supporting their loved ones with crohns
  20. My fiancee....
  21. He's mad at me~again
  22. Newly Diagnosed Spouse
  23. Feeling guilty
  24. Newly diagnosed significant other.
  25. Not feeling supported....
  26. Back in hospital - Questions.
  27. Advice on Surgery vs. Medicine
  28. Supporting my son to understand my disease
  29. Supporting our children
  30. Keeping things from me.
  31. Feeling useless.
  32. Boyfriend was just diagnosed with Crohn's
  33. New member
  34. New here - unsure how to deal with partner with Crohn's
  35. Tell me how to make him understand
  36. I wish I was at this alone
  37. Bad Diagnosis?
  38. Today's a bad day...
  39. How much more does ONE person have to go through???
  40. Need info
  41. Anyone had experience with thinning bones?
  42. My Rave
  43. Feeling Helpless: Partner of Crohn's Sufferer
  44. Post surgery/Relationship
  45. When anxiety comes alongside an op.
  46. Crohns spouse-guilt anger help
  47. New to Crohn's. Advice please?
  48. Peri-anal abscess
  49. How can I help my crohns spouse if I am sick?
  50. Hey Dusty - just to say hi :-)
  51. Crohns Support Group for families in NYC area?
  52. Feeling useless!!
  53. Partners: caregivers or lovers or both?
  54. Spouses of Crohnies Support Group
  55. Wanting to be brave... considering dating
  56. I tried talking to my girlfriend about her Crohn's. Didn't go the way I thought it would.
  57. I need HELP!!
  58. If it's not one it's the other
  59. "Get Well Soon"
  60. Frustrated with partner