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AshevilleEnough.  We say it in our heads all the time.  Sometimes it means we’re fed up or “done” with whatever is irking us.  Other times it means we’re yearning to BE enough, DO enough for our loved ones, but always seem to come up lacking.  How many of us end up exhausted at the end of each day feeling like we’ve so much more to do, not having even scratched the surface?

What does it mean to be enough?  Just as we are, Crohn’s and all. Continue reading

Who Diagnose?

2011-03-26 16.21.09Another World IDB Day has come and gone as quickly as a bout of Crohn’s induced nausea. It was a day when Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Bowel Cancer patients all over the globe were trying to raise awareness of the complexities of their conditions. For me posts and tweets were flying around social networking like wildfire, but then I have Crohn’s and know lots of people with IBD too. What of those who have never heard of the conditions? Would they take the time to read up on these illnesses or educate themselves on what they entail? Would they give to a charity which helps find a cure? Continue reading

Peas Be With You

IMG_6090I suppose as I’ll be appearing here regularly, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself. I have Crohn’s Disease (you may have worked that one out already, alright Sherlock no one likes a smarty pants). I was eventually diagnosed around September 2010 after around 2 years of gradually worsening symptoms. What started as bloating with discomfort akin to trapped wind, quickly escalated into pain so excruciating I could barely walk. Continue reading