Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Traveling Crohnie

Australia!! 647I’ve shared some of my favorite travel tips in past posts, including packing extra medication, which can’t be said enough!  Just last week, I was traveling for work out-of-state and decided impulsively to stay an extra night to squeeze in some family time. Only after settling in did I realize that while I had enough Lialda (I always carry 2 extra days’ supply in my purse), I did not have extra Rowasa’s. I’m paying for it this week, and kicking myself for not taking my own advice! Continue reading

‘You Don’t Look Sick…’

IMG_2864“You don’t look sick?” is potentially one of the most irritating comments a person can make to a patient with Crohn’s or Colitis. I’ve written on the topic of inappropriate comments with chronic illness in my own blog previously, but as I’ve recently been going through a particularly relentless flare-up it’s something I’ve encountered at least once a day. The above phrase, along with several others, can come from any area of your friendship spectrum. Continue reading

Not Your Stepping Crohn

IMG_8138One of the trickiest tightropes to walk with a chronic illness is managing your relationships. Yes, I choose the word ‘managing’, as cold and clinical as it may seem, because you may find that not everyone is able to ‘step into line’ and cope with your illness as well as you might. You may have to dedicate more time and patience to certain branches within your family tree. Perseverance may be a frustrating necessity in gaining the understanding and support of those you love. You may initially feel this should never be something you should ask for, or something that would even be in question. It should naturally be unconditional? But it often takes those around you much longer to begin to understand you have an incurable illness than you do. Continue reading