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Top 3 Crohn’s Merit Badges

A few weeks ago I had the awfully stressful experience of driving my Mini Cooper three hours on Interstate at 55mph.  Yes, the actual speed limit – gasp! It was because I had activated my run-flat tires, which can get you home but at slower, cautious speeds. My husband met me halfway and followed behind, as hundreds, if not thousands, of cars veered by at appalling speeds, while I clutched the steering wheel like Driving Miss Daisy.  Many times I thought we’d be hit from behind, even with my hazard lights flashing. Continue reading

Blue Hues

IMG_2423Writing as only I can, on my own experience of chronic illness; and in particular Crohn’s Disease, I’ve established (over time) that in order to come to terms with something that isn’t going to go away, it’s important to try and achieve a somewhat challenging balance of ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ and maintaining a positive, forward-thinking attitude.

I do like to think I fall on the brighter side of that scale the majority of the time, however I regularly, and seemingly helplessly, find myself slip into those bleaker moods. Continue reading