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Rear All About It!

IMG_3341One of the most infuriating aspects in living with IBD is in trying to find the resources to educate and inform yourself on your condition. The first stop in learning more about your particular ‘brand’ of IBD is, more often than not, your doctor. However sometimes even your own practitioner doesn’t have the level of understanding or knowledge you may need. Continue reading

Always a Drifter

2012-04-03 17.33.49 Fatigue is one of the most common, and surprisingly most brutal, symptoms in living with a chronic illness. It can be increasingly difficult to manage, as other than sleeping like a Disney princess for over 100 years, there really is little to nothing that can be done. Let’s be honest, feeling tired is one of the most common complaints most ‘normal’ people have on a day to day basis, but fatigue is a whole other ball game (or pillow fight, if you will). Continue reading