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Rear All About It!

IMG_3341One of the most infuriating aspects in living with IBD is in trying to find the resources to educate and inform yourself on your condition. The first stop in learning more about your particular ‘brand’ of IBD is, more often than not, your doctor. However sometimes even your own practitioner doesn’t have the level of understanding or knowledge you may need. Continue reading

Crohn’s: The teacher I never asked for

Eric selfieWhen I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in October of 2008, I really didn’t understand how that news would change my life.  My symptoms were mild at first, but by 2010 I was spending most of my days in bed or in the bathroom.  Not able to find relief through conventional drugs, alternative therapy, dietary modification, herbs or supplements, I ultimately ended up without a colon and with a permanent ileostomy in August of 2013; something that would return some normalcy back to my life.  As I look back and reflect on the ups and downs of this illness, I realize that the challenges I’ve faced have offered up some important lessons. Continue reading

Surviving a Gluten Free Diet

gluten-freeBeing an IBDer most of my life, one of the biggest things people would say to me is, “I bet there is a lot of things you can’t eat”.  Growing up I would tell them that I can eat anything I want.  I wasn’t limited to anything and nothing seemed to affect my Crohn’s.  Well, that is what I thought.  Of course, I was ignorant. Continue reading