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Job Considerations: Following Your Yellow Brick Road

nz vineyardChange can be tough for Crohnies.  We find comfort in routines, because we are able to accommodate our vast and varying needs with practice over time.  If you always take the same route to work, school, or your kid’s soccer match, you know where the closest healthy food options are, the cleanest restrooms, and the exact travel time in case you need to race home. Continue reading

The Traveling Crohnie

Australia!! 647I’ve shared some of my favorite travel tips in past posts, including packing extra medication, which can’t be said enough!  Just last week, I was traveling for work out-of-state and decided impulsively to stay an extra night to squeeze in some family time. Only after settling in did I realize that while I had enough Lialda (I always carry 2 extra days’ supply in my purse), I did not have extra Rowasa’s. I’m paying for it this week, and kicking myself for not taking my own advice! Continue reading

Plan, Prepare, Pack!

DSC_1598Traveling across town can be tricky when you’re living with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis /IBD, much less traversing the continent or globe.  The trick to minimizing stress and anxiety is careful planning to eliminate as many unknowns as possible, as well as a healthy dose of organization.  Take it from this Type-A planner – it’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Continue reading

Traveling with IBD

561265_10150970875422611_1163113858_nLet’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you’re heading to Europe or New York City, the back streets of Rio or a Caribbean cruise, traveling with IBD is challenging.  But don’t despair – with the proper advance planning and careful packing, it can be done!   My blog, Crohnie Travels, takes you with me as I experience the ups and downs of travel across the country and the world.  Continue reading