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  • April Showers

    After my third bowel resection, I am in constant pain around the upper abdomen. Three weeks in hospital just recently with dozens of CTs, MRIs and Xrays no “structural” reason could be found for the pain and persistent diarrhoea. Came home on morphine. I am a 71 year old very active woman who wants to get back out on the golf course. One option offered by doctors is medical marijuana. I would appreciate comments from those of you with experience with it. Also, the best way to take it. Don’t really want to smoke it and am afraid of introducing yet another drug into my gut.

  • stillnotregistering

    What state are you in? I have a lot of experience with cannabis, and I have crohns. First of all, it’s not another ‘drug’ for your gut. It’s an herb. You don’t have to smoke it. You can vaporize. But you can also ingest the oil, which is probably the most important way for crohns patients. I have used it every which way with varying results. I would not hesitate to recommend ingesting the oil in small amounts for crohns patients. Without question it helps me … a lot. But it can cost a lot, and it’s not legal in every state (or federally). I’m amazed your dr. recommended it. Mine won’t even talk about it. If you’re in a state where you can grow it, think about that as a way to reduce costs … and gardening is therapeutic. They are just scratching the surface on what cannabis can and cannot do for crohns sufferers, but it’s safe to say it relieves pain, nausea, insomnia, among other things, for most users. And these are biggies for crohns patients.

  • Jansen John

    I highly recommend it.. more symptoms treated for only the cost of what you pay for the pot and no side effects.other than hunger and euphoria.. one to be ccare ful with tho is the munchies” u may end up eating you will regret.

  • Tali

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to the forum, just trying to vent/get advice from people who know what it ‘s like to live with GI pain. Briefly, I have had GI issues my entire life but decided to just live with it. About 5 years ago my signs worsened enough to seek medical care and they started with the typical diagnostics- upper endoscopy as well as colonoscopy with biopsy. Of course all came back normal and I was told I likely had IBS, maybe Celiac’s, to avoid gluten and to deal with it. My signs worsened slowly up until last year, where the pain, diarrhea, and general discomfort have completely destroyed my quality of life. I basically go to work, sit on the flood holding my abdomen, come back home, sit on the couch and continue holding my abdomen. I avoid eating as it makes the pain worse. I went to see a new gastroenterologist, they ran multiple stool tests (I am a veterinarian so exposed to many little parasites) and all were negative. Repeated colonoscopy with biopsies, and of course still normal. The doctor then accused me of wanting pain medications and called me an addict (I never actually asked for any medications at all). I went to see a third gastroenterologist and he ordered a CT which was of course normal.
    I do have a family history of Chrohn’s – my uncle’s diagnostics always came back normal for years on end. He was not diagnosed until he was in such severe agony that an abdominal exploratory surgery was performed and he required an aggressive bowel resection.
    My new doc prescribed Xanax to help with pain- all it does is place me in a mental trance.
    I have spent the last month confined to my couch and my bathroom. I am miserable and just want to give up on everything. I am weak from the lack of nutrition and emotionally exhausted.
    Thanks for reading… any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Zein

    Hey all I’m 30 years old I’ve been suffering from this disease since 11 years I went to many drs and I tried almost everything and I was so lucky to discover the liquorice root i took it for almost 3 weeks u cut it into small pieces the one I got looked like a black stone and then I kept eating from it all day long.. I kept putting the small piece under my tongue in the begging I kept going to the toilet then after 3 weeks I stopped it and I was totally fine!!!! I stayed good for almost 4 years!!! And then when I went through hard times it pops again and my dr was like u can’t stop bleeding till u take cortizon but I don’t like the idea of it so I got more liquorice and I started to take it again and after 10 days booom all is good and back to normal even my dr is shocked. My life changed after this and I’m much better now thank god. But you must check with your dr before cuz if you have heart disease or pregnant it might be a bad idea for u so please again ask your dr before taking it and the URL is to check it. Sorry I couldn’t find link in English so here is an Arabic language article…فوائد_عرق_السوس

  • Alexa

    Hey everyone!

    I am 22 years old and have had Crohn’s for 10. I treat it naturally with a real food/paleo diet and supplements/vitamins.

    I am currently on LDN as well. Has anyone else tried that?

    Best wishes to you all!

  • kathleen

    I have ulcerative colitis for about 12 years and have tried just about everything naturally I am not on any medications and refused medications my doctor subscribed due to fear of side effects’ just recently while I was on a cruise I said to my friend its strange every time I go on a cruise my diarrhea stops and my friend said maybe its all the bread you are eating .So when I returned home I started eating a bread roll[no wheat it could be an allergen} with every meal and bingo no more diarrhea. I also use marijuana for
    gas excessive gas and bloating . Which is not often now.

  • Genie6

    I was diagnosed with ‘indeterminate colitis’ in 1984 and didn’t have it explained to me at the time. I was in . what is called now, a coersive controlling relationship, and my health was not that important so I carried on regardless. My husband divorced me in 1997. I looked up on the laptop a year or so ago ‘indeterminate colitis’ which meant ulcerative colitis AND Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s and found that I had been putting up with symptoms for years. I thought I had ME for years but my doctor said it would make no difference if I was diagnosed as there was no treatment. All this time it was on my medical records that I had indeterminate colitis. When I reached retirement age, last March I claimed PIP where the interviewer said it was on my medical notes that I had colitis and promptly put me on medical benefit..Just as I was coming up to pension age! Thank goodness for the hinternet I say. 63, morbidly obese (21 stone) and using a mobility scooter I am now coming to terms with an illness that I, and my family I might add, thought was down to my being ‘lazy’ or innactive (on a kinder day) and eating too much. My Grandson and I giggle over my wasting away disease, he’s only 10 so can be forgiven…I must have been in remission for much of that time but the flares were just put up with. The not being reliable or not committing to meeting people in case it was a ‘bad day’ is part of my personality now and it does not sit comfortably. People don’t understand and sometimes I feel like I need a sign on my forhead that says please be gentle to me and I’m not in bed because I am lazy. I love that there is more publicity and information about bowel disease so I don’t have to explain why I am the way I am and why I need a key for the toilet immediately or there will be an accident on your floor..I am trying to prepare my family for the day I may need a colostomy bag but hopefully that will be a long way off…I am on Mebeverine and don’t have stomach pain luckily. I also have hypothyroidism, another attack on the immune system…but I do consider myself quite healthy, is that a glass half full philosophy or just head in the sand…Anyway delighted to research more and thank you for all the advice..

  • Jenay

    Hlo my fellow Crohnies, my name is Jenay. Im from the friendly,windy city Port Elizabeth. I’ve been diagnosed with Crohns in 2014 and had a ileum reesction that Oct. I’ve been sufferring for many years and was told many things by a specific specilaist. IBS, poor diet, ets he made me feel like a hypercondriac. This after a few colonoscopies I just resulted to buying over the counter meds. Then a few yeara ago a colleague mentioned this wonder doctor thats from Cape town that helped his wife.i waited 5 months for an appointment. He did a colonoscopy and found a stenoses whereafter he ordered an MRI. He picked up a badly affected secrion of my ileum and had to resect it. I thought I wud be better but picked up a Colstridium Defficle infection and was admitted again for 5 days. The April after that I had active crohns again and was put on prednisone and Azapress for 4 months. It was aweful and you all surely know everything and everyone that we have to deal with. It helped and I was in remission. That is until recently I was rushed to hispital as I had strictures, a blockage, active crohns my pain was a 9 out of 10. I was in hiapital for 6 days and put back on 150 mg Azapress and 16 prednisones amoung other meds. This time is much tougher. I developed what I think is a abcess on my tummy and its painful, my follow up appointment is only in another weeks time. Im very positive and God, my 4year old boy and husband keeps me sane. This i one helluva road that others cannot relate to unless they walk in your shoes. This is reason I joined this group. My heart goes out to all of you. This diaease will not conquer us. Lots of luv Jenay.

  • Alex Funk

    Hello, my name is Alex, and I was recently saved by doctors at last moment with peritonitis, an experience I don’t wish to anyone!!!
    I m still in bed hospital as I m writing you….if you have a moment and want to read my story you can follow me here.

    Thank you for your time, God Bless You All!!!

  • Joelle Prevost

    Hi all! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2011. It’s been an interesting past 6 years, but I’ve found a combination of diet and lifestyle that have given me an excellent quality of life.

    My band, Nebrie, wrote a song about struggling with invisible illness. I hope you find it helpful in knowing you are not alone in struggling with something that others can’t see or don’t understand. The song is called Inside Out and can be found here:

    Wishing you all the best!! I know it’s not easy <3

  • Jeff C

    Hollister “New Image” Colostomy Bag and Skin Barrier” Available!

    We’ll I am 3 Days Post-Op for a Colon Ostomy Reversal Surgery! Halleluiah!
    Now I have plenty of Hollister’s # 18323, 2”, Single Use Colon ostomy Bags with Hollister’s “14803” Skin Barriers” that are available!
    After using the type of bag that requires emptying into your toilet, I find these single use “18232” bags much easier to use and have never had a leak. In fact, I had my change out / clean up method down to 180 Seconds including disposal!
    Typically, one bag lasts me 2-3 days, depending on my intake.
    In regards to the Hollister #14803” skin barriers, I only was required to change them out perhaps once weekly, which was a 4-minute process at most.
    Going through what I went through with this Colon Ostomy, I am able to offer these products to someone else in a similar circumstance.
    I have probably a 2-3 month supply and can email you pic.’s if you wish. I can then mail them to your home or office if desired.
    I know how much of an inconvenience these bags are, so I hope I can help someone else.
    Simply Email me with your information and I will get back with you in a timely manner.


  • Jesse Laurito

    Good Morning,
    My name is Jesse and I am the customer Service representative here at Organic Pastures Dairy Farm in Fresno Ca. Mark McAfee Founder of Organic Pastures has been doing extensive research in medical and alternative options for helping Crohn’s patients. He recently did a video with a young woman, who after using our products in now Crohn’s free. This video is extremely emotional and will go thru her journey and what she did to now be Crohn’s free. Please share on your webpage, so all can receive this message.

  • Lynda

    Hello. My name is Lynda. I have been a member of this forum in the past, but I have not visited here for a long time. I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis I and first started getting sick in 1997. I was not diagnosed until 2006. Past medications : Lialda and Asacol. Current medication : Cholestyramine Powder. I have taken probiotics in the past. I have had several endoscopies and colonoscopies, along with a CT Scan. In the past I have had operations for an Anal Fistulectomy and two Rectal Abscesses. This disease has affected my mental health as well as my physical health, contributing to my Major Depression. I am tired all of the time. Wishing you all the best on your journey to better health. There is so much information here on the forum, I hope to research and use some of this information to my advantage. Thank You for listening and Thank You for sharing your stories. Lynda.

  • TESS

    I’ve suffered with this disease for years, but the last few years has been the best. New treatment and steroids are awesome. I’ve finally put on some weight. I’m also an Chef. I’ve written recipes that go along with the guide lines of a CROHN’S diet. I decided to put them in a book because I actually feed my children these recipes and now that they are grown they call me for my recipes all the time. The book is called ” COOKING WITH CROHN’S ” and will be on lulu. I hope this helps other combatants of Crohn ‘s disease

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