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5 Steps to Surviving Colonoscopy Prep

crohnie merit badges - colonoscopy prepiEarlier this month, I had my annual colonoscopy, which I guess to be my one-hundred millionth. Maybe that’s why they went back-to-back with an endoscopy as if I had won some kind of scope lottery. I figure I’m a pro at this point, with bragging rights to the early 90’s hospital prep, when the nurses would walk into your room where you’re watching Ghost and episodes of the new dreamy George Clooney ER show, and dump gallons of tepid prep on your bedside table like they’re carting barrels of crude oil around. Continue reading

We Wish you a Merry Crohnmas…

IMG_2283Crohn’s Disease really is the gift that keeps on giving. It doesn’t stop for Christmas, it doesn’t give you a break during the summer, and doesn’t ‘rise again’ during Easter because it’s always there anyway. It is relentless and punishing and about as far from the spirit of Christmas as you could get.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the festive season this year, but I can’t quite settle into the idea of fun and lights and laughter yet because, as always, I still have various medical bits and bobs to get through. Continue reading

When the Diagnoses Keep Coming

why cloudRunaway Train.  That’s how I feel sometimes.  Like a runaway train of invisible to the eye invaders are ravaging my body.  Sometimes the secondary illnesses that tag along over the years with an autoimmune disease become more stressful than the disease itself.  Fear of the unknown is one of my biggest challenges, and every time I learn of some new ailment attacking my body, I peer into a void of what-if’s all over again. Continue reading

Top 3 Crohn’s Merit Badges

A few weeks ago I had the awfully stressful experience of driving my Mini Cooper three hours on Interstate at 55mph.  Yes, the actual speed limit – gasp! It was because I had activated my run-flat tires, which can get you home but at slower, cautious speeds. My husband met me halfway and followed behind, as hundreds, if not thousands, of cars veered by at appalling speeds, while I clutched the steering wheel like Driving Miss Daisy.  Many times I thought we’d be hit from behind, even with my hazard lights flashing. Continue reading

A New Normal

603515_3678145960639_647107342_nHi! My name is Alicia and I am the Multimedia Director for Girls With Guts.  I have had UC/Crohns for almost 10 years now.  I have a complicated and LONG history with IBD but I’ll try and spare you with the gritty (and bloody) details. Continue reading


IBD FighterRemission.  The word has a definition, yet it means something different to everyone.  According to Merriam-Webster, remission is period of time during a serious illness when the patient’s health improves.  So what does that really mean?

If I am having a good day with little symptoms does that mean I am in remission?  Continue reading

Trust your guts

listen to your gutHow often have we all heard that phrase? Before being diagnosed that sentence always went over my head, but ever since being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, it has taken a whole new meaning for me.

My symptoms started as a 15 year old, I started to get intermittent stomach pains and lost my appetite. I was already under a paediatric GI for coeliac disease so I discussed things with them and they organised a long list of blood tests, an ultrasound scan and a barium meal follow through.
Continue reading

My Journey with LDN

LDNAzulfidine, Dipentum, Flagyl, Imuran, Asacol, Prednisone, Remicade, and Humira.  These are just some of the medicines I have been on for Crohn’s Disease.  Azulfidine was the very first.  Dipentum followed and after I took myself off it for some years, it was the first one I went back on so I did this one twice.  Sadly, none of these meds helped me sufficiently.  Some of them I got really bad side effects.  Most I couldn’t even last a year. Continue reading

Jeffrey, A Guy With Crohn’s

jeff Headshot background (1)1.4 million Americans have it. About 1 in every 250 people in the UK has it.  About 61,000 people in Australia have it.  More and more people are getting it every day.  No it isn’t the latest single from One Direction.   It is not the latest game for X box or a poke from Facebook.  It is Inflammatory Bowel Disease also known as IBD. Continue reading