Traveling with IBD

561265_10150970875422611_1163113858_nLet’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you’re heading to Europe or New York City, the back streets of Rio or a Caribbean cruise, traveling with IBD is challenging.  But don’t despair – with the proper advance planning and careful packing, it can be done!   My blog, Crohnie Travels, takes you with me as I experience the ups and downs of travel across the country and the world.  Whether encountering another IBD’er abroad, sharing your success stories, or discussing the latest Crohn’s friendly travel gear, Crohnie Travels will motivate you to explore your home state or wildest dream destination!

My Story


Long ago, a solo backpacking journey across Europe left me addicted to travel, unable to contain the growing list of destinations on my bucket list. Fresh out of college, I received a travel scholarship from my alma mater and stretched those funds into three months of travel, using my best friend’s flat in London as a home away from home.

It was a glorious time of self-exploration, with the fun of reinventing myself with every new town and group of companions on the backpacker’s circuit. My Crohn’s, flaring constantly despite a steady dose of steroids, was like a shadow in the afternoon sun, always with me, yet never holding me back from my dreams and always stretching with me. Whenever I looked over my shoulder, it was there. The biggest lesson learned is that I never let it stop me.

Pack Your Bags!


No matter if you have to pack an arsenal of medications “just in case”, a cooler the size of your trunk filled with safe food options, or your entire medical history, please don’t let it stop you from exploring the incredible places in this world. Thanks to globalization, more and more of the world is becoming handicap and disability-accessible, and there are a plethora of websites and resources that can help you plan.

Travel in Developing Countries

Traveling in the ease of more mainstream destinations is quite different from traveling in developing countries. Check out my blog for how I managed to do a 10-day trip to China as part of a global fellowship on education policy.  Let’s just say that hours on buses and “holes” for the restroom facilities take squatting to a whole new level.

Join me!

Australia!! 646

Along with packing tips, and suggestions for finding food options abroad, I also include tips for how to talk to your doctor and the top “must-do’s” before you leave. And lastly because so much of traveling is learning to appreciate your home even more, I’ve included sections on how I deal with Crohn’s on a daily basis, including trying every diet in the book, yoga, and spirituality.

Bon voyage!!  Crohnies unite!


Written by Jamie from Crohnie Travels