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The Crohnicle
Welcome to the ninth issue of The Crohnicle,'s quarterly newsletter, collaboratively created by our staff and amazing members.

We Need Your Help is the busiest community on the internet dedicated to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. There are times that we have trouble keeping up with all the new members and requests for support from veterans. It can get a little overwhelming at times. :( We need your help as we feel it's essential that everyone be heard and feel supported. Replying to even one thread on occasion or simply clicking the, "hug" button makes a huge difference. This is especially true if you're off living the good life because your disease is so well managed. Letting others know it can get better can go a long way and is very appreciated.

Recent Changes to

We continue to work hard to improve all facets of Recent changes include:

- Do you have other illnesses in addition to IBD? We now have a support group for you.

- Blogs on the forum - The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that a new section has appeared on the forum. The snappily named “Blog,” located in the tabs up top between Forum and Quick Links. This section is for bloggers, which allows you to have your say on aspects of living with IBD that matter to you. For more information on how you can have you own blog posted click here.

Research and Medications

- Gut bacteria may play a role in Crohn's disease: Learn more.

- The debate regarding cannabis use in Inflammatory Bowel Disease continues. A new study adds additional gas to that fire. Read more.

Ask The Experts

The following are a few questions and subsequent answers from our panel of IBD experts:

- Go to the Emergency Room if you have these symptoms.

- Do any of the biologics have a lower risk of infection?

- Should the ileocecal valve be reconstructed after surgery to remove it? Dr. Koltun shares his expertise here.

Knowledge is Power

- One of our members has been working on a guide to fecal transplants. We know, it sounds gross, but there is some interesting science behind these transplants. Learn more here.

- Knowledge of who is a great IBD doctor in your area is so very important. Our Doctor Directory helps with this. For example, one of our Moderators, "Afidz" recently posted a glowing recommendation of her doctor which led to three other people on the forum going to him and receiving excellent care. If you have a great doctor, please let us know about them here.

Clinical Trials

- Qu Biologics has opened up their clinical trial to residents of the USA and even provide a travel stipend that fully covers most people. If you're looking for an exciting, new treatment option for your Crohn's disease or want to help spread the word, please see this thread.

Diet, Fitness, and Travel

- Join the Fitness Support Group!

- We now have a Yoga for Crohn's disease support group! Yoga is an excellent form of low impact exercise and stress reduction that can be just what many need. Learn more.

- What forms of exercise are you able to do and unable to do? Share your experiences.

Thank you

As always, thank you to the countless unsung heroes that make a support forum like a success. Without the members out there who are providing answers and support on a daily basis, often while suffering in one way or another themselves, such a community would not be possible. You are absolutely incredible people. Thank you for all that you do.


The best form of medicine, laughter!

- I am allergic to Penicillin, once ate a rat, and was in the Army Special Forces. Two of these are true, and one is a lie. Join the game and have some laughs.

Interesting Polls

- How many Crohn's related surgeries have you had? Share your answer and see what others have experienced.

Live Chat

- Live chat with forum members! We've had this feature for a while but since members tend to come and go due to travel, illness and general life outside the forum, sometimes we forget that the forum does have a live chat feature where we can help each other immediately. The live chat isn't meant to replace threads but sometimes we want answers now or just want someone to talk to who also suffers from IBD. Rather than lurk and see if anyone comes into the chat say something in chat and someone will come along eventually and quite possibly right then as many of us leave the chat open but go back and forth from the chat to the regular forum. Ask questions or post a link to your thread and someone will get back to you either in chat, in thread or send you a PM.

Set up a time with people for a live chat as well! The parents of children with IBD have already started doing this so they can all come together as a group. Anyone on the forum can do this! Try setting up a time with people so you can all chat together. We're all in different time zones so keep that in mind. The live chat can be found on the top of the forum up in the main tabs titled, “Chat.” Join us live now!

Feedback and Help

First off, we're curious what means to you?

Second, do you have feedback regarding our newsletter? Or maybe a suggestion for something to include or would like to help? As our newsletter is community-driven, simply join us in the Newsletter Forum.


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