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The Crohnicle
Welcome to the fourth issue of The Crohnicle,'s quarterly newsletter, collaboratively created by our staff and amazing members. We hope you've been enjoying Spring and are looking forward to Summer!

We Need Your Help

A staggering 140,000 unique visitors came to Crohn's Forum in the last 30 days! There are times that we have trouble keeping up with all the new members and requests for support from veterans. As such, we need your help as we feel it's absolutely vital that everyone be heard and feel supported. Replying to even one thread on occasion makes a huge difference. You don't even need to have an answer, just letting the person know they're supported is wonderful.

Recent Changes to

We continue to work hard to improve all facets of Recent changes include:

- Username tagging - This new software allows you to be automatically notified of any posts on the forum where someone mentions your username or an alias you enter into the system. It also allows members to easily call others' attention to a specific thread. Learn more in this thread.

- Threaded PMs - Our wonderful programmer changed our private message functionality for us. Now, when you reply back and forth with a member in private, the entire conversation is like a thread or gmail if you use that service.

- Science Advisor - We're excited to announce our first advisory board member, Doctor Judith Chapman. Judith will be acting as our Science Advisor. To learn more about Dr. Chapman, welcome her, and to see her credentials, please read this thread.

Science Chat with Judith

Our Science Advisor, Dr. Judith Chapman, has written an article for us regarding some of the Genes Related to Crohn's Disease.

Research and Medications

- We only recently learned that bowel transplants are possible. We wanted to bring attention to the ongoing blog by a member who has actually undergone a bowel transplant recently! It has been an amazing journey and we welcome you to read Michael's bowel transplant blog.

- We're bringing attention to this paper and subsequent discussion not because of what the paper argues, but to showcase how we have to be careful about believing everything we read, even in studies and papers that seem to be high quality. Check out this paper and then how our new Science Advisor feels about its science and claim: Etiology of IBD: A Unified hypothesis.

For Family and Friends

- Those of you who don't have IBD but love someone who does may experience times when that person thinks they're a burden to you. If that is the case, this thread, printed out, and given to that special person may help make a difference.

Knowledge is Power

- We're reading the book, "Advanced Therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease" which is aimed at medical professionals. We're providing information from the articles in (hopefully) easy to understand language. Follow along here.

- Are you on Azathioprine, Imuran, or 6-MP? If so, 6-TGN, one of its metabolites, is of utmost importance. Is your doctor monitoring your 6-TGN level? Should they be? Learn more about 6-TGN here.

Diet, Fitness, and Travel

- Do you have an upcoming trip you're worried about because of your IBD? Or are you a seasoned traveler who has traveling with IBD down to a science? Either way, join us in our Traveling with Crohn's thread.

- Vitamin K and Vitamin K2 are vastly different beasts. Vitamin K2 deficiency is likely common in those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Is it something you should be supplementing? Learn more about vitamin K2.

- Do you have, "to go" so often that it is negatively affecting your life? If so, you may want to discuss the idea of psyllium husks as a supplement with your doctor. They're not for everyone, but they have helped many members considerably. Learn more here.

Thank you

As always, thank you to the countless unsung heroes that make a support forum like a success. Without the members out there who are providing answers and support on a daily basis, often while suffering in one way or another themselves, such a community would not be possible. You are absolutely incredible people. Thank you for all that you do.


- Laughter is the best medicine! As such, we've added a humor forum. Join us for a laugh and by all means, feel free to share a joke. The forum is located here.

- One of our members, SunshineSmile has created a series of videos related to IBD. We're putting this in the humor section because some are very funny. Others have a more serious tone, but they're all worth checking out. See them here.

Interesting Polls

- Do you have a strangely bent pinky finger? We know, why the heck are you asking this? Find out why and the results might surprise you.

Feedback and Help

First off, we're curious what means to you.

Second, do you have feedback regarding our newsletter? Or maybe a suggestion for something to include or would like to help? As our newsletter is community-driven, simply join us in the Newsletter Forum.

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