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The Crohnicle
Welcome to the sixth issue of The Crohnicle,'s quarterly newsletter, collaboratively created by our staff and amazing members. A very happy holidays to all of you.

We Need Your Help

When we sent out our first newsletter in August of 2011 we reported that over 70,000 unique visitors had visited in the last 30 days. Since that time, growth has been staggering and in the last 30 days, more than 225,000 unique visitors have found their way to our community. As such, there are times that we have trouble keeping up with all the new members and requests for support from veterans. We need your help as we feel it's essential that everyone be heard and feel supported. Replying to even one thread on occasion or simply clicking the, "hug" button makes a huge difference. This is especially true if you're off living the good live because your disease is so well managed. Letting others know it can get better can go a long way.

Recent Changes to

We continue to work hard to improve all facets of Recent changes include:

- Would you like to be a Forum Monitor? We recently coded and implemented an automated, "Forum Monitor" system. Forum Monitors are members who provide a significant amount of excellent support and information. We now have an automated system where those members can become part of the Staff if they so desire. Learn more here.

- We now have a chat room where you can chat in real time with other members. Admittedly, it's not the greatest software in the world, but sometimes it's nice to be able to interact immediately with other members. Check out the chat room.

- We've created a new feature called, "My Forum". My Forum is, well, your forum. When you login, it will be at the top of the forum home page. Within that forum are all of the threads you have subscribed to. On a thread by thread basis, you can then manage how you want to be notified if others respond to it. In addition, you can sticky threads within your forum if you want to better keep track of them. Learn about My Forum here.

Science Chat with Judith

Our Science Advisor, Dr. Judith Chapman, has written an article for us regarding Crohn's disease and female hormones. Be sure to read her article, "What Crohn's Disease has to say about "the Pill", your Period and Menopause".


We were lucky enough to have Dr. Hal Gunn, the founding CEO of Qu Biologics, a Canadian Biotech company, sit down with us for an interview. Qu Biologics is developing an exciting treatment for Crohn's Disease called, "SSI" that are entering phase I/II clinical trials soon. Read the interview with Dr. Gunn here.

Research and Medications

- This past election cycle not only saw additional states in the USA allow for medical marijuana, two outright legalized it. With these changing opinions, we wanted to highlight medical marijuana as a potential supplemental treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. As the studies and personal accounts in the following thread showcase, while it's obviously not for everyone, Medical Marijuana does appear to work for some people with IBD. Read about it here.

- A bionic bottom? Go or don't go at the flick of a switch? It may not be as far off as you think.

Knowledge is Power

- Are you on an anti-TNF medication that is no longer working as well as it once did? Is it time to possibly switch? If so, what does the scientific data say is the best course of action? Learn about switching TNF medications here.

- Do you have a child with Inflammatory Bowel Disease? If so, some of the parents in our, "Parents of Kids with IBD" forum are working to create a great library of pediatric IBD research so you can learn and better advocate for your child. Check it out here.

Diet, Fitness, and Travel

- Is juicing a viable supplemental treatment option for some with Inflammatory Bowel Disease? More and more people think so. As such, we recently had a, "Community Juice Fast".Read about it here and maybe join in a future fast.

- Is red meat a trigger for you? Reply to the poll and see what others experience.

- Is Turmeric / Curcumin beneficial for some people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease? See what others are experiencing on this supplement.

Thank you

As always, thank you to the countless unsung heroes that make a support forum like a success. Without the members out there who are providing answers and support on a daily basis, often while suffering in one way or another themselves, such a community would not be possible. You are absolutely incredible people. Thank you for all that you do.


The best form of medicine, laughter!

- A fun way to get to know other members has been created called, "Two truths and one lie". Read and take part here.

- Since we first posted about it in the newsletter, our "Funny Pictures" thread has added hundreds of new entries. Check them out if you're in need of a good laugh.

Interesting Polls

- How would you rate your gastroenterologist? And why do you rate them at that level? Share your opinion.


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Feedback and Help

First off, we're curious what means to you.

Second, do you have feedback regarding our newsletter? Or maybe a suggestion for something to include or would like to help? As our newsletter is community-driven, simply join us in the Newsletter Forum.

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