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The Crohnicle
Welcome to the eighth issue of The Crohnicle,'s quarterly newsletter, collaboratively created by our staff and amazing members.

We Need Your Help is the busiest community on the internet dedicated to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. There are times that we have trouble keeping up with all the new members and requests for support from veterans. It can get a little overwhelming at times. :( We need your help as we feel it's essential that everyone be heard and feel supported. Replying to even one thread on occasion or simply clicking the, "hug" button makes a huge difference. This is especially true if you're off living the good life because your disease is so well managed. Letting others know it can get better can go a long way and is very appreciated.

Recent Changes to

We continue to work hard to improve all facets of Recent changes include:

- You can now, "Ask The Experts". has partnered with some wonderful doctors at the Hershey/Penn State IBD Center who are answering questions on the forum. We're also seeking additional experts in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (feel free to reply to this email if you're an expert and would like to be part of our panel) and are excited to help share the great knowledge of these intelligent, experienced individuals. You can see the, "Ask The Experts" forum here.

- Due to popular demand, we now have a GLBT support forum located here.

Research and Medications

- Has your doctor brought up the idea of endoscopic balloon dilatation for your stricture? Want to learn more about it? Learn about the short and long term efficacy.

- A new study shows that medical marijuana can lead to remission in Crohn's disease. Read more by following this link.

Ask The Experts

The following are a few questions and subsequent answers from our panel of IBD experts:

- What is your opinion on mesalamine for Crohn's disease?
See Dr. Schaefer's answer here.

- Do you routinely test Crohn's disease patients for Vitamin B12 deficiency? See what Dr. Williams has to say.

- Should the ileocecal valve be reconstructed after surgery to remove it? Dr. Koltun shares his expertise here.

Knowledge is Power


- Do you consume foods with the additive Carrageenan in it? WELL, STOP IT. Read why here.

- Endometriosis and Crohn's disease sometimes go hand and hand. Learn more by following this link.

- Are you in remission? WHAT KIND? Learn about the different types of remission so you can ask your doctor.

Clinical Trials

The exciting clinical trial by Qu Biologics we mentioned in the previous newsletter is still accepting participants. Dr Gunn, the founding CEO of Qu Biologics is now answering questions in this thread and one of the past recipients of SSI who has Crohn's disease shared some wonderful videos worth watching.

Diet, Fitness, and Travel

- Join the Fitness Support Group!

- We wanted to once again highlight our thread, "Juicing and a Viable Treatment Option" as we feel it can be an excellent supplemental treatment for many with IBD.

- Are you on a Low Fiber/Residue diet? Receive and give support.

Thank you

As always, thank you to the countless unsung heroes that make a support forum like a success. Without the members out there who are providing answers and support on a daily basis, often while suffering in one way or another themselves, such a community would not be possible. You are absolutely incredible people. Thank you for all that you do.


The best form of medicine, laughter!

- If you were to start a soap opera about Crohn's disease, what would you name it? Share your title.

Interesting Polls

- One study showcased that almost 40% of people with Crohn's disease are allergic to nickel. Do you have a known nickel allergy? Take the poll.

Feedback and Help

First off, we're curious what means to you?

Second, do you have feedback regarding our newsletter? Or maybe a suggestion for something to include or would like to help? As our newsletter is community-driven, simply join us in the Newsletter Forum.


Please follow us on Twitter @Crohnsforum or go here.

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