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Gooey Eyes??

So Ive been having nasty gooey eyes, really bad in the morning, and then constant through the afternoon and evening. It started in my left eye for two days, cleared up and now its in my right eye. I havnt had this sort of thing before, doesnt itch or feel like pink eye, just constant goop coming out. Any thoughts, or experiences??
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Only when I had pink eye. Dunno what else it could possibly be though.
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I get that with my allergies, it's worse for me in the winter because the air doesn't circulate as much.
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Hmm, I've only had that with pinkeye. I have had pinkeye that wasn't itchy, that came on the tail end of a cold.


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Ditto - had this with pinkeye. Mine wasn't itchy either. And I had a wicked sinus infection at the same time.
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Ditto - had this with pinkeye. Mine wasn't itchy either.
Double ditto!!

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I've been having the same thing for a couple of months. The stringy gooey stuff. I've never had pink eye. Not itchy either. I just assume it's meds or Crohn's. Not sure whatelse to blame it on.
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From the crohn's I get uveitis and scleritis in my eyes. It's another form of inflammation.
It at first feels and looks like Pink eye. Usually only half my eye gets inflamed. Some times it comes a goes for a day or two before it sticks around. The fact that you are on Prednisone might be clearing it up. Go see an eye doc. Eye inflammation can cause damage.
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Woke up this morning with my eyes pasted shut!! Went to the dr and sure enough....pink eye, and pretty bad in both eyes. Lots of head congestion building and crapy gooey eyes.....YUCK!!
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I have had sticky stringy goo in my eyes for over 18 months now. I at first thought i had conjunctivitis and was buying Optrex infected eyes which just seem to make the situation worse. Went to see my doctor and they referred me to the eye specialist at the hospital after the 2 month wait for an appointment the day came that I was due at the hospital and I woke up without any eye promblems (always the way), I still went to the appointment and they looked in my eyes and said there was nothing wrong at all. I tried to explain that this was the first time in months that they had been this clear. I was sent home and told to buy artificial tears. The next day my eyes were playing up again so i bought the tears and they made the situation worse. I have given up putting eye drops in as it just makes the situation worse. They drive me crazy as I work on a computer all day I am sure this is not helping. I have had crohns since 98 and this has only just started with the last few years.

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