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roast chicken
Are you referring to those store bought chickens they have sitting out in the easy grab cartons that they just cooked? Because for some reason those bastards will have me waking up the next morning hating life. Yet I can tolerate most other chicken no problem.
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This is such a good idea and some people seem to have the same triggers as me!

This is a list of things I'm pretty sure are unsafe, I was only diagnosed with crohn's in september so I'm still learning a lot about myself with it......

1) crohn's

2) NANDO's.... oh my life it's so so bad after this!! Spicy food in general, although tbh I dont risk it out of caution more than anything, there's lots of spicy things I've not tried since I made the very clear association between nando's and flare ups! Sweetcorn seems to mildly affect it. Fizzy drinks, esp decaff coke (can't have caffeine for other reasons).

3) Safe foods? I interpreted this as things I live on whilst I'm flaring that don't hurt it.... clear soup, non-sugared cereals, small portions of toast, milk.
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(I use trial and error - if it hurts one time wait a while and try again
I do the same thing the - trail and error - and it helps to figure out the unsafe foods

1. Crohn's

2. Spice food, fried food, seeds, soda, grape juice, orange juice, coffee, tea, raw vegetables, eggs, uncocked things...

3. Chicken, Turkey, Rice, wheat, white bread, potatoes.....
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Emma England
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1. Crohns
2. Milk wheat dairy pickles of any kind salad cereals
3. Lactose free dairy chicken rice potatoes
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1. UC
2. Whole Wheat Bread/Bagels, Red Salad Dressing, Sodas besides Ginger Ale. Tomato Sauce.
3. Chicken, Turkey, Rice, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Bagels (w/ cream cheese & jelly), White Bread, French Toast (w/ syrup), Eggs (Hard Boiled/Scrambled), Animal Crackers.

Recently diagnosed. Interestingly enough while I felt sick but before I was diagnosed I had some Kettlecorn and it didn't bother me at all, same with some General Tso's Chicken. But I had one Whole Wheat bagel by accident and I could hear EVERYTHING going on in my stomach all night, kept waking me up.
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Here are my unusual ones. I share a lot of common triggers such as the high fiber stuff, but i'll list the unusuals.

1. Crohns

2. Sour cream, BBQ sauce (horrible), canned fruit, salads, canned tuna, lots of sugar, parboiled rice (perhaps the bouillon in it?), spices, Mexican food, caffeine

3. Avocados, chicken tacos (without heavy spices), most Greek/Mediterranean cuisine which doesnt have a lot of fiber, homemade ice cream, vodka.
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Fantastic thread!

1. Crohns

2. Any red meat, oranges, all seeds, all nuts, a lot of raw veggies, bread of any kind, raw onions, spiced cured meats like salami, chorizo etc, cream, smoked salmon, wholemeal anything, brown rice, fizzy drinks, crisps (whether its Doritos or Walkers), beer, yeast-y things

3. Chicken, potatoes, cheeses, yoghurts, eggs, pitta bread, wraps (tortillas etc), most fish, white rice, cucumber, rice cakes, vodka, strangely McDonalds chicken nuggets, chicken noodle soup, Rich Tea biscuits and Digestive biscuits (like graham crackers in the US?)

The list is constantly changing though!
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Crohns Dx
Unsafe - POPCORN (bad bad bad) Green peppers, Beer any product that has alot of yeast in it...

Safe - Mashed Pot, Cup a soup, Cheese. Soft cooked vegies (corn, broc) baked chicken/fish

Thanks for doing this poll. Intresting
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1. Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis

2. My main trigger is Wholegrain wheat - any foods containing this, e.g. Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, wheat based cereal bars, all bran, brown bread, grainy bread. I've also suspected that cream causes me problems too and I have to be careful with some spicy foods. Shellfish has made me sick. Sprouts and cooked cabbage.

3. Safe foods - white bread, cereals that are oat based, oaty cereal bars, cereals that have no wheat in (cornflakes, rice crispies etc) white fish and salmon, chicken, bacon, steak, raw cabbage & leek, most veggies and traditional British cooking is fine. Rice, Pasta.
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1. Crohn's
2. Triggers: red wine, caffeine, milk, anything grainy, lettuce, spicy food, cream, red meat, pineapple, apples, cabbage, icecream, anything high in fat like takeaway food, and if I eat anything as soon as I get up I usually have a lot of pain.
3. Safe foods: White wine, soy products, chicken, potatoes, most fruit and veges except those listed above, and not in excess, fish, most bread except grainy.
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1. Crohns Disease!

2. (unsafe):sweetcorn!, chicken skin, stuffing, real mashed potato, scones, orange juice, chips (sometimes),

3. (safe): lettuce, fish, cucumber, gingerbread man, cress, salad cream, twix, lemonade, mountain dew energy (uk version), rolos, quavers, walkers (ready salted), smarties, potato waffles, homemade vanilla ice-cream, pasta, pesto, chicken, pilau rice, white rice, baked beans, flapjack, maryland cookies, steamed carrots, instant mashed potato, fried crispy bacon
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thank you so much for this David; I am printing this out for my daughter thanks
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Question to all those who listed unsafe food:
What are the other factors that cause your flare-ups?
Truth is that there is NO proof that any food alone causes the flare-up.
But if your intestines are already damaged from past flare-ups then it is possible for some food to cause problems. Not because of the food itself but because your intestines are unable to absorb certain foods. Also things like tomatoes will surely cause pain to already damaged intestines because of their acidity.

My question is: do you think any food causes you problems WHEN you are perfectly healthy? (with completely healed intestines)
Problem is that most of the people, even when they are feeling better, have some degree of damage from past flare-ups.

I would especially like to hear from those who have undergone resection (as myself) and whose intestines are now completely healed. (I have Crohn's)
I have tried many different food after the operations and have not had even the slightest problems. Doctors also say: "Eat everything". (I still avoid certain foods just in case)
So I think it's hardly a food that causes or triggers the disease. (this probably also explains so many differences in people's diets)
Would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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1. Crohn's Disease (dx 1/2011). Mild - controlled through diet and exercise.

2. Fatty red meats (burgers, fatty steaks), bread pudding (random, right?), anything fatty, alcohol (although I still drink), fiber one bars, soda, SPLENDA (el diablo!!!) or any artificial sweeteners, anything fried.

3. Dairy (low-fat), Turkey Bacon, Baked Chicken, Veggies, Mashed potatoes...pretty much anything except everything above.
Dx'd Crohn's disease of the terminal ileum and colon.

Runner (Completed over 15 5K's, and one half-marathon!), Horseback Rider, Lover of the outdoors (especially when restrooms are around, wifey and Mama to two rescue dogs.

4G Pentasa/day
40mg of Humira every week
175mg of Imuran daily
Prenatal Vitamin, Calcium/Magnesium, Iron/Vitamin C
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Question to all those who listed unsafe food:
What are the other factors that cause your flare-ups?
My question is: do you think any food causes you problems WHEN you are perfectly healthy? (with completely healed intestines)
Problem is that most of the people, even when they are feeling better, have some degree of damage from past flare-ups.
Would like to hear your thoughts on this.
Hi Miki. Well I , for one, can't really comment for certain as when I am feeling really ill, as I am right now, Crohn's is at the forefront of my mind...yet when I'm feeling ok (as I probably will be tomorrow), I forget about it.

What I know to be unsafe for me is dry-roasted peanuts, along with pork. Lettuce always remains undigested in the toilet along with red-pepper....I love eating these! What a cruel disease we have have to live with!
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My Support Groups:
1. CD 2007
2. Everything noy in 3. below!
3. Eggs, White/Potato bread, boiled chicken, soup [not veggie],
Pentasa 500mg 9/day
6MP 50mg 1x day
Prilosec 20mg 1x / day
L-Glutimine [anti-inflammatory]
Essential Fatty Acids [megadose]

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My Support Groups:
1) Crohn's 2009
2) Unsafe- steak,too much dairy, pop(soda) ginger ale is ok sometimes, spicy food, tomato sauce
3) Safe- Boost, asparagus, green beans, white fish, salmon, some chicken, some pork,toast, bananas, apples, oranges

I am still working out diet issues and will possibly have food allergy testing done to see if there certain things I do need to avoid that I have not discovered.

Some days it doesn't matter what I eat, I am upset and in pain so I switch to Boost, toast and canned fruit, which I can mostly tolerate,
Really bad days find me on Boost and Hot water only.
I don't have D issues - mostly constipation. Even if no constipation, the pain varies a great deal.
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My Support Groups:
1) crohns
2) raw veggies, chinese food, chipoltle(burritos), alcohol
Diagnosis: Confused officially diagnosed in 2010

Bloodwork is indeterminate IBD, biopsies are crohns positive, symptoms and visually it's UC

Current meds-
Prednisone, humira, 6mp, and lialda
awaiting surgical consult

Mom of Little Z
eosinophilic esophagitis 5/2015
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I Love Lamp
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Safe foods - White bread, chicken, potatoes, broccoli, bannanas, milk, coca cola.

Trigger foods - Curry, Crisps (potato chips), ice cream, nuts
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1- spicy food (cause alota pain) - Dairy products - Legumes !! they all risk to consume !

2- egg- potatos- steak- white rice & green tea. they all seem to calm me down.

Great post, thanks David.
Diagnosed 2002

Symptoms started 1997

Current medication:
Humira 40 Mg every 2 weeks
Omeprazole (Gasec) 2 x 20mg
Loperamide ( Imodium) twice a day

Pain killer:
- Tramadol hydrochloride (zaldiar)
-Celecoxib (celebrex): for joint pain.
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1. Crohn's

2. Orange Juice, oranges, kumquats, raw broccoli, raw cabbage, lettuce, domestic light beers, whey protein powder, cow's milk, cottage cheese, pepper-jack cheese, lunch-meat, ground beef...

3. Light chocolate soy milk, light soy milk, cultured coconut milk, vanilla coconut milk, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, brown rice, very low sodium white albacore tuna, boneless skinless chicken breast, turkey bacon, turkey breakfast sausage, egg whites, shitake mushrooms, Sweet Leaf (brand) iced tea, Ensure (brand) nutrition drink, Activia (brand) yogurt, bananas, water...

There are many more for both categories, but I can't think of them all right now. I will add more later.
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Add Hula Hoops (a type of potato chip) to my no-go zone, I tried 2 new flavours and ended up in A&E on morphine eek!
2006. Tummy issues (more IBD than IBS).
2009 joint pain/worsening tummy issues.
CRP 20-36 2006-now. C3/C4 inflammation markers huge,
2014 IDA & low B12.

June 2014 admitted to Hospital 3 nights as emergency transfused 2 units of blood. Dangerous case of anaemia.
Caught by pure chance!
Cause currently unknown but suspected CD.

Waiting on blood & stool results from January.

Hoping to stop anaemia treatment soon & lower B12 daily dose!
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My Support Groups:
1. Crohn's

2. Cabbage, brussel sprouts, curry, seeds, nuts, Greek/Middle Eastern food, MSG (food preservative, often in Chines food or restaurant salads), avocado, Fiber One cereals, cauliflower, any type of alcoholic drinks, soda, esp. Coke products-(any of them), corn, asparagus, full fat dairy, aspartame, soy.

3. White bread, saltines, white rice, zucchini, artichokes, potatoes, mac and cheese (if it's not too creamy), ramen, Greek yogurt, low fat cheese, pumpkin, yams, sweet potatoes, baked chicken, eggs, cream of wheat, oatmeal, bananas, turkey, fish, celery, peanut butter, apple sauce, pinapple, pasta, almond milk.

In a flare, I only eat eggs, white bread, Mountain Dew,white rice, applesauce, Greek yogurt or protein shakes made with almond milk.


Current Meds: Cimzia, Methotrexate, Prevacid, Sertraline, Nortryptaline, Prednisone, Atenelol
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@Larry-your screen name totally cracked me up...Thanks for the laugh!
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1. Crohn's Disease
2. Lettuce, Cabbage, Any raw veggie except peppers and tomatoes, skins of potatoes, alcohol (mostly beer but I don't drink anymore), chives, spinach
3. Skins of chicken, too much fried food, non-lactose free dairy products, coffee, beef

Oddly enough, spicy foods/peppers/chili, beans etc don't bother me. Nor do bread products, sauces and lactose free dairy. The only things I've really had to give up is salads and uncooked veggies (aka all the things that are good for me). I also watch my caffeine and only drink 1 glass of caffeinated tea a day, decaf or herbal for the rest of the day. I also drink about 2 litres of water a day.
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1. Crohn's

2. Dairy(milk, cheese, including products that have only a little milk in them), chocolate, Spicy foods(mexican, indian, etc), Fast foods(chik fil a, Mcdonalds, wendy's, even Pollo Tropical), burgers, fried foods, corn, tomato sauce, cake, fries

3. Chicken, rice, soy or almond milk, gluten free waffles with syrup, mashed potatoes, soda is fine with me

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black caviar
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1. Chron's
2. None
3. All....

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2.Nuts,seeds,cabbage,just about any fresh veg,watermelon,hot dogs(ouch!!),steak,whole grain anything,spicy foods,rice,cheese,greasy foods,hamburger,beer,wine,corn,dairy,fresh fruit,

3.sprite,pop without caffine,hard candy,chicken,turkey,white breads,potatoes,noodles,jello,shrimp,crab,ham
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My Support Groups:
1. crohn's

2.beans, spicy food, fatty food, apples, large amounts of mint(can irritate my crohn's related reflux, otherwise is actually great for cramping),fresh food, celery(even cooked),tomato, raw sushi(immune-suppressed people), milk protein, broccoli, soda, acidic foods, salami, fast food/greasy food

3.banana, lunchmeat, coconut milk products(great for no milk diets), ricemilk, meat,most soups, tuna fish, pasta, poultry, tea, bread, deli meat, stew, mushrooms, frozen waffles, pancakes, smart balance spread(milk free!),

This is making me realize that I have pretty much eaten the same things for weeks now, lol.
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1.) Crohn's
2.) CORN!!!ugh!!! lol beans, sesame seeds, cabbage, pork, beef, Ramen, most fast food, coffee, any veggie that would require beano for a healthy colon lol peanut butter:-(
3.) Frozen Waffles! any brand, they were a life saver during my last flare. Sugar free syrup, Vanilla Ensure(really the only flavor I can tolerate) eggs with Tony Chachere's creole seasoning which is suprising because it's kinda spicy! Toast(white bread) with I can't believe it's not butter, lol really almost any breakfast food but oatmeal! Chicken or turkey if I'm in the rare mood for meat!

Meds: Asacol HD 800mgx3
Humira every 2 weeks(which is no longer effective)
Bentyl 3x's daily
Tramadol as needed
B12 injections monthly
And of course the Hated Prednisone during our recurrent flares!

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