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Blurry Vision

Recently (last few months) I have been experiencing some blurry vision at times. For example this morning I put in my contacts and my vision is blurry. It is a new prescription and yesterday they were fine so I know it is not the contacts them selves. Anyway, also when I have blurred vision I am often sensitive to light. No pain or headache or anything.

Does anyone know what this could be? My mom has major eye issues...dry eye, vision loss, scaring, vision changes due to blood sugar.

The other thing I do notice is that the whites of my eyes tend to be blood shot no matter what. At first I thought it was eye strain from wearing my contacts too long, but then even after wearing glasses for days my eyes remain blood shot.

Let me know if you guys have ever experienced any of this.
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what are you using to wash your contacts (if they are monthlys) I use peroxide and some of that can stay on the lense. Washing them with saline solution beofre putting thyem in helped me with blood shot and blurryness
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Not relating to blurry vision, but I woke up one morning with my left eye terribly bloodshot in the left lower quadrant. Guess what, sigmoid colon perforated.

However, you need to speak to an opthamologist about blurry vision...no idea what that could be. Also, do check for diabetes...really.

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Hey - i have had blurry vision on occasions but it happened when i was stressed or i was working on computers having been off on summer holidays. i went to the optician about it and he said it was migraine. your blurry vision - is it like pixels moving - you know when you watch one of those real life crime tv programs and they block out the persons face with moving pixel thingys? Well that is the blurry vision that i got and felt nausea with it. but on some occasions i used get a massive headache after and apparently they are the symptoms of migraine.
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Thanks for the responses. Turns out they are related to migraines. I wonder why I would suddenly develop migraines when I never had them before?
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Prednisone gives me blurry vision.
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Pred gave me blurry vision and migranes too, stopped pred now and symptoms have gone too
Meds :
Humira injections
5mg Prednisolone

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(bowel problems since 16yrs) 34 Yrs old now
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blurry vision when im tired or when im having a flare. Swollen eyes is a symptom of crohns. I asked my optician and doctor and both told me to just get used to it.
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Prednisone gives me blurry vision.
I was worried about this because I have been taking Prednisone and my vision has gotten a little blurry. Hopefully it is just due to the Prednisone!
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I am on prednisone 30mg a day (just started the weening process from 40mg) and my diabetes is out of control right now because of infection and such. I think between the 2, I have blurry vision now. Definitely have your Dr check your blood sugars and make sure they are not spiking because they will cause blurry vision as well.

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