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1. Crohn's (self-diagnosed)

2. Beans, lentils, beer, (any alcohol), steak or any pork, apples, peanut butter (especially crunchy), too many stir-fried veggies at once, fried anything, coffee (even decaf) and red wine but can drink it when not flaring. Oh, and of course, the bane of many CD sufferers, DIARY of any kind. (except extra sharp cheddar which does not seem to bother me.)

3. Spinach, kale, both slightly cooked in olive oil, rice ANYTHING (including rice Chex, which are my savior) fish, especially tuna (in small quantities) Ensure, bananas (again, in small quantities), barley (very gentle on my system).

Thanks so much for these lists, it really helps to know I'm not the only one out there who can't take spicy foods, especially when surrounded by a bunch of hot pepper-loving, wing-eating maniacs who insist that you are a "freak" because you won't touch anything hot or cheesy. :-)
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Great threat i'm really interested in diet now as I've had a rude awakening!!!

1. CD
2. Spicy food (main one), fresh pasta (since surgery) dark chocolate, white wine, excessive alcohol, citrus fruits,
3. veg, all other fruits, all meat / fish, sauces, biscuits, milk, tea, coffee, occasional alcohol

Diagnosed Crohn's 2010
ileocecal resection 2010
Meds: Nil and in remission

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Excellent thread, been feeling sick for a few days and it has coincided with me eating chicken and onion wraps for my lunch each day this week. I think it's the onion. Foods I already avoid are:

1 All dairy
2 Citric fruits
3 nuts
4 eggs
5 whole grain foods
6 onions (from today)
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My Support Groups:
1. I have UC

2. Unsafe: peanut butter, breads, milk, nuts (only because they hurt coming out), spicy foods (I can handle some spice, though.), corn, apples, oatmeal, popcorn, rice...

3. Safe: Yogurt, cheese, squash, chicken, creamy almond butter, carrots, fine chocolate (no cheap stuff - big difference!), salmon, tuna, asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower...

*some of these safe foods are not safe during a flare, obviously

Great thread, by the way!
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Wanted to add something:

Sushi... I have had sushi 3 times since my last flare. It seems to be the ONLY meal that sits totally well with my entire system, even with massive amounts of wasabi (which I love because it's the only hot thing I can eat.) But of course, it's basically fish and rice with some seaweed, all gentle stuff.

Going to try to remember this in the future when I'm starving during a flare!
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On that note I'm completely the opposite I think it was wasabi that triggered my crohn's in the 1st place I was totally fine until I had a really really spicy thai meal in london last yr then bang it all went downhill from there (LOL)!!! I know it probably wasn't that but it would be interesting to see how many japanese suffer from crohn's
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1) Crohn's disease
2) I do my best to avoid grains, legumes, dairy, and most nuts/seeds
3) Proteins (minus eggs), veggies, and fruits (minus nightshades and onions)
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My Support Groups:
1) Crohn's
2) Unsafe: Spicy foods (lots of seasoning, BBQ sauce), raw veggies, fruits with seeds
3) Safe: Chicken, salmon, eggs, rice, potatoes, white bread, oatmeal, cheese, bananas, yogurt

I seem to do okay with pasta sauce/pizza, but I am cautious because many seem to have problems with it. When I am not feeling well, I only eat my safe foods.

Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease - July 2010
Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease Retracted - October 2011

I am still sick and so confused...
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hey guys iv had crohns for 3 years and i cannot figure out whats effecting me? did you all have specific diets to figure out whats effecting you then cancel it out.... my cramps and that come at night and i can never decide on specific foods i should and should not eat?

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1. Crohn's
2. Really spicy foods, raw tomatoes, fatty steak, corn (raw or cooked), excessive alcohol, excessive cigarettes, greek yogurt, popcorn.
3. Tostitos, baked potatoes, bread, pasta, cereal, boiled eggs, grilled chicken, regular yogurt.

Dx w/ Crohn's Disease May '08
Dx w/ Graves' Disease June '11
Dx w/ Lymphocytic Colitis October '12
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Sarah has short bowel syndrome and has found that a vegan diet with little fat or oils suits her best. She has narrowed it down to finding that food with 1.5grms of vegetable fat or less per serving is safe for her and this combination has her down to pooping once a day, which she is absolutely thrilled about!

Well worth the effort and sacrifice according to her.

Dusty. xxx
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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1) Crohns & Colitis
2) Popcorn, all fast foods, dairy products, nearly all vegetables, spicy foods & fried foods
3) Peanut Butter sandwiches are my primary safe food, Someone mentioned frozen waffles, with PB, they're a special treat! Saltine crackers are my safe food for flares

Diagnosed Crohns/Colitis: September 1990
Resections: 1995 & 2005
No Gallbladder!!
Hernia repairs: 7 at last count since 2004

Currently on: Remicade (750 mg every 8 wks) 6-MP, Colazal, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, and B-12 injections

Previous Meds: Prednisone, Flagyl, Colostid, Lyrica, Cipro, Rowasa

Team Challenge Alum and proud member of the Michigan CCFA
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1. Crohns (inactive), IBS
2. Corn and all products containing corn ie corn starch, corn syrup, corn oil, etc.
wheat and white flour. Oranges, dairy.
3. Rice, eggs, bananas, chicken, beef,
Recently discovered that if I stick to blood type diet, I have NO stomach issues.
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1.Crohns 39 years
2. Foods high in oxalytic acid (kidney stone formation)
soy products of any kind, peanuts, anything made from the cocao plant - colas and chocolate, asparagus, rhubarb, berries, coffee
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My Support Groups:
hey guys iv had crohns for 3 years and i cannot figure out whats effecting me? did you all have specific diets to figure out whats effecting you then cancel it out.... my cramps and that come at night and i can never decide on specific foods i should and should not eat?

Hi Eefs. A lot of people use an elimination diets. It's tough cos you have to cut what you have right back to the bare minimum and introduce new foods gradually and systematically. Keeping a food diary also helps.
It's worth it for the relief it can bring.
Dx Crohn's terminal ileum April 2011
Ileocaecal resection & partial cystectomy Sept 2012
3.5 years happy remission, in mild flare since Feb 2016 with related Portal Vein Thrombosis

Previous: Prednisolone, Mesren, Omeprazole, Infliximab, Azathioprine
Current: Pentasa, Librax, Warfarin
Helen x
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1. Crohn's
2. Popcorn, onions, mayo, lunchmeat, brownies, sodas, any breakfast meats, speggitti, any mexican food, most veggies, fruit or fruit juice
3. Turkey, milk, potatoes, eggs, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes,
Diagnosed with Crohn's in 99/00
Been on: Remicade, Cipro, Pentasa
Currently on:
Prednisone (weaning) TRYING TO WEAN PART 2!
Resection in 2003
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I'd like to create a collection of safe and unsafe foods for people that are just starting out on the IBD journey (and it may be useful for the veterans as well). This idea is to create a list of safe and unsafe foods but since everyone is a little different, I'll then collate the responses and do a little statistical analysis so people can get a general idea of what is safe and unsafe for the majority.

This thread will stay open to new responders. The more people who respond, the better the analysis will be and the more in depth I will take it. Keep responding even as I provide stats. I will update them periodically.

Please respond to this thread with the following:

1. If you have Crohn's, UC, or some other form of IBD
2. A list of foods you KNOW (not just theorize) are unsafe for you.
3. A list of foods you KNOW (not just theorize) are safe for you.


The continually updating results by disease

Please note I took the liberty of making judgment calls on various entries for more efficient grouping. The below data should not be considered scientific nor is it in any way a guarantee that what is safe for others is safe for you and what is a trigger for others is a trigger for you. These are simple guidelines people can utilize as they attempt to alter their diet.

As I collated these entries, one thing I noticed is that many people would put disclaimers such as, "Well pureed", "Well cooked" or "Chewed well". So please ponder the importance of texture and density of food as you're trying to figure out what diet works best for you.

Crohn's Disease

Number of Respondents

Spicy foods - 11
Fried Foods - 10
Raw vegetables (includes salads) - 10
Dairy - 10
Tomatoes - 9
Popcorn - 8
Carbonated beverages (such as soda) - 7
Coffee - 7
Beef - 7
Bread (especially non white) - 6
Corn - 6
Seeds - 5
Legumes - 5
Nuts - 4
Onions - 4
Fast food - 4
Beer - 4
Alcohol - 4

Red Wine - 3
Breakfast cereals - 3
Chinese Food - 3
Broccoli - 3
Orange juice - 3
Fruit (fresh) - 3
Chocolate - 3
Eggs - 2
Chicken - 2
Sweeteners - 2
Apples - 2
Potatoes - 2
Oranges - 2
Pork - 2
White Wine - 2
Ice Cream - 2
Indian Food - 2
Goat cheese - 2
Red pasta sauce - 2
Lettuce - 2
Wheat - 2
Cabbage - 2

Be Cautious About The Following - Often Fall In High Risk Categories
Acidic foods
Apple juice
Blue cheese
Citrus Fruit
Cooked Vegetables
Corned beef
Fatty foods
Fried eggs
Fried onions
Fruit juice in cartons
Jelly beans
Kiwi Fruit
Oily Foods
Picked Items
Preserved Foods
Refined Sugars
Refried beans
Soy meats
Tomato Juice
Tomato products
Whole grain foods

Breads (usually white) - 18
Pasta (usually white) - 14
Fish - 13
Chicken - 13
Rice (usually white) - 10
Mashed potatoes (especially Instant) - 6
Turkey - 6
Peanut butter (creamy) - 5
Yogurt - 5
Bananas - 5

Potentially Safe Foods - Use Caution
Cheese - 4 (Caution - dairy products cause some people to trigger)
Crackers - 4
Beef (sometimes just steak) - (Caution - beef causes some people to trigger) - 3
Asparagus - 3
Melons - 3
Tea - 3
Potatoes - 3
Pasta sauces - 2
Organic honey - 2
Fruit (sometimes not citrus) - 2
Carrots - 2
Eggs - 2
Jello - 2
Coca-Cola (Caution - soda causes some people to trigger) - 2
Corn flakes (Caution - corn products cause some people to trigger) -2
Feta cheese - 2
Ramen noodles - 2
Ham - 2
Jam - 2
Milk Chocolate (Caution - chocolate cause some people to trigger)- 2
Cooked vegetables - 2

May be safe - Use Extreme Caution
Aged Cheese - (Caution - dairy products cause some people to trigger)
Almond Milk
Apples - (Caution - fresh fruit causes some people to trigger)
Black beans (Caution - legumes cause some people to trigger)
Boiled potatoes
Butter (Caution - dairy products cause some people to trigger)
Canned fruit
Canned vegetables
Cereal (Caution - breakfast cereals cause some people to trigger)
Chicken noodle soup
Chicken nuggets (Caution - fried/fast foods cause some people to trigger)
Clear alcohol (Caution - alcohol products cause some people to trigger)
Cream of wheat (Caution - wheat products cause some people to trigger)
Fried potatoes (Caution - fried products cause some people to trigger)
Grapefruit juice
Green Tea
Ice cream (Caution - dairy products cause some people to trigger)
Kraft Dinner
Lactose free milk
Lettuce (Caution - fresh vegetables cause some people to trigger)
Liquor (Caution - alcohol products cause some people to trigger)
Meatballs (Caution - beef products cause some people to trigger)
Olive oil
Peanuts (Caution - nuts cause some people to trigger)
Peppermint Tea
Rice Krispies
Roasted meats
Scrambled eggs
Spinach (Caution - fresh vegetables cause some people to trigger)
Sugar (Caution - sweeteners cause some people to trigger)
Tomatoes (Caution - tomatoes cause some people to trigger)
Vegetables (peeled) (Caution - fresh vegetables cause some people to trigger)
Vodka (Caution - alcohol products cause some people to trigger)
White Wine (Caution - alcohol products cause some people to trigger)

Ulcerative Colitis

Number of Respondents


Unsafe Trigger Foods

Vinegar - 2
Spicy food
Orange soda
Ground pork

Safe Foods

Cooked vegetables

I am new, I was diagnosed last week after biopsy done, I had surgery and small section removed.
So far: Unsafe for me
chocolate chip cookies
Ice cream
Pop Corn
Whole Wheat
Seeds & nuts
Tomatoes in any form
Raw vegetables
Powder Milk Products (burning urine)
Spice and BBQ sauce
Potato Salad ( I love that suff, sob sniff)
Hot Dogs

Safe For Me So Far
canned french style green beans
Mashed Turnips
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato
Fish, (good thing I love fish)
Chicken (no batter)
hamburgers (no onion, no sesame seed bun, no tomato, no pickles)
canned fruit cocktail (but no grapes)
Cream of Mushroom Soup
chicken Noodle Soup
white bread
french toast
cream of asparagus soup
biscuit style cookies (non greasy and not too crunchy)

I don't know what else yet, I try one food everyday so I can detect what gave me cramps and what didn't, thank you for doing this, I fould it helpful reading you list.
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1. looks like crohns (diagnosed 16/11/11)
2. lettuce, digestives, too much fat i.e. some chips ok, fries too much! peas, apple juice, anything fizzy inc beer, lemonade or both together, bread with yeast, pasta, brown rice, oats seem to be a problem
3. chicken, turkey, white rice, fine beans, mash, black tea with sugar, bagels in moderation (think yeast a problem not gluten), processed cheese in moderation, choc in moderation, lactose free and normal milk seems to be ok with rice crispies/frosties

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been a crohny for a year now .

unsafe food for me is fast food like burger king - jack in the box - sonic - and so on , meat - pork - wheat - milk - pasta made with wheat and gluten - fryed food - deep frying food - butter made with milk - pizza - bacon - soda - coffee- bread and muffins - yogurt - sausage - hotdogs with beef and pork .

safe food - turkey dogs - turkey bacon - turkey sausage - rice pasta white and brown - Prego gluten free - Heinz ketchup gluten free - Rice Chex gluten free - Ore-rida crispy crowns potatoes gluten free - rice bread - rice muffins - turkey sandwich meat - chicken sandwich meat - chicken dogs - chicken no skin and use rice flour to coat them - white rice - smart balance butter - turkey burgers - silk milk - veggen cheese .

was on remacade then went to sulfazine , i had to many side effects with sulfazine- the doctor told me to stop taking them now i wait for next appt. to see him for new meds.
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1. Crohn's

2. Unsafe - Most veggies, Apple peel (the inside of the apple is ok), any nuts, milk (drinking it, not cooking with it), Corn (I so miss corn on the cob), tomatoes, seeds

3. Safe - Spicy doesnt bother me at all, meats, potatoes, pastas, rice, I drink Mountain Dew without issue

All in all, I count myself very lucky with my foods.
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1. Crohn's Disease (15 years)

2. Absolutely no coffee for me (decaf or regular)! Fruit juices, eggs, ice cream, alcohol, deep fried foods, steak, bacon, rich desserts, pizza, corn, beans, yogurt, any drink that is dark in color (soda, black tea, coffee, etc.), cabbage/sauerkraut.. this is just to name a few!

3. Safe things for me are green/white tea, pasta, ground meats, potatoes, jello, chicken, fish, canned fruits, bananas, applesauce, bread, cooked carrots, vanilla pudding (but not chocolate!), pork tenderloin or chops, rice.
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1. Chron's

2. Beer/Wine/Whiskey, Chocolate, Coffee, Cigaretts, Any Soda, Raw Fruits/Veggies (Salad), McDonald's/Fast Food, MSG, Polysorbate 80, (I suspect other preservitives) Spicy Foods, Mexican, Italian, Tomato Sauce, Fried Foods, Whole Grains, Fatty Foods, Gravy, Beef, Whole Wheat Bread, Wheat or Corn Cereal, Too Much Butter, Beans, High Fiber Foods.

3. All Organic Dairy, White Rice, Rice Cereals, Turkey or Chicken (white meat), Pork (if its not greasy), Cooked Veggies, Canned Fruits, Most Organic Foods, Eggs, White Pasta, White Bread.

It helps to eat several small meals slowly and make sure I chew really good.
If I'm in a flair I cannot eat anything at all.

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1. Chrons
2. Onions, eggs, gerkins, garlic, any alcohol, red meat, spicy foods, citrus fruits, raw vegetables, tomatoes, popcorn, diary foods
3. Fish, pasta ( I'm just about living of pasta currently), yoghurt, mangos
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Location: norwich, United Kingdom

bad--fizzy drinks, pastry, wholewheat, grains. haribos. potatoes.milk,soft cheese.

safe--all fruits and veg (except cauli),chicken,scrambled eggs, fruit juice (not from concentrate) coffee,herbal tea, lacto free milk,honey.hard cheese.
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1. Chrohn's

2. Dairy, any red meat that isn't ground up (with the exception of the fat on steak), stick & hot spices, salt, skin on poultry, vegetables that aren't steamed or boiled, fiber from wheat, soy, chocolate sent me to the hospital, cakes, cookies - anything made with flour and baking soda - I guess caffeine - I'll have to ween myself off, food coloring, preservatives (the more cleansed my system - the more sensitive I become, soda, pizza - I can feel the crust expanding in my intestines - youch, onions - SHELL FISH KILLS ME ALIVE

3. oats, oatmeal with raw sugar and butter, granola oats left to soak in applesauce and a touch of powdered cinnamon, fruit bread made w/frozen white bread - butter - pears - raw sugar rolled up and baked - my desert; corn bread w/creamed corn added, tuna and salmon pate on saltines/saltless, peanut butter (creamy - jelly not jam) strawberries on bisquik biscuits - 1/2 of biscuit, potatoes any way - add butter. Fried foods on the stove (not deep fried) don't seem to bother me - McDonalds french fries are a saving grace when dehydrated in the summer to retain water (I have a huge problem with dehydration - must be the caffeine) Doritoes - white - they must break down easy because chips just kill my intestinal tract, soft boiled eggs, all cooked vegetables, pea soup, speghetti sause and spegheti don't seem to bother me from a can - I watch the oregano when home cooked, white noodles but not homemade egg noodles - they swell up too - white bagels and deli ham, roast beef, turkey w/cream cheese - (real light on cheese for me) Green tea, 100% Coconut milk, 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil per day, sea salt if needed, hotdogs on cheap buns, french bread with butter & provolone melted on it and parmigiana, no string vegetables, custard, tapioca, jello with real whipped cream (again light on the cream)

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Some foods seem safe and are not. Starches like rice, or pasta ("bland" foods) don't do their damage for many hours after eating, so people think they're safe. They are complex carbohydrates which we can't easily digest, so they pass through the small intestine and go to feed the bad bacteria in the colon. This bad bacteria is the source of the symptoms. Many doctors in different countries have figured this out independently, so you have various names for the no-starch diet - SCD, GAPS, Seignalet, etc. They're not exactly the same, but they are variations on the same theme: sugars and starches are killing us. Eliminate them from your diet, and you'll be really surprised how many symptoms disappear.

So here are my answers:

1. CD, for 45 years
2. All starches and sugars except maybe fructose. Milk. Cruciferous vegs (cabbage et al). Raw seafood.
3. BROTH including the fat. Meats, fish, eggs, esp. soft-boiled. Well-cooked vegetables. Coconut. PAPAYA. Grated carrots. Ceasar salad (without croutons).
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I should start keeping a diary of the foods i eat. See if i see any products that make me worse. It's so weird though. I asked my specialist if i should do one of these ages ago, he said that because my colon was so inflammed that no matter what i ate i'd get diarrhea. he's also the one who told me Crohns isn't associated with pain though?!?!?!
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1. Crohn's (6 years since diagnosis, 30 years since first symptoms)
2. Onions, chocolate, sugary drinks (e.g. Coke), alcohol (anything high in yeast), apple juice
3. Chicken, rice, bananas

Giving answers to this is actually more difficult than most people realise. Prof John Hunter's "Solve Your Food Intolerance: A dietary programme to eliminate food intolerance" which includes a section on Crohn's gives some hints on how to identify problem foods.
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I should start keeping a diary of the foods i eat. See if i see any products that make me worse. It's so weird though. I asked my specialist if i should do one of these ages ago, he said that because my colon was so inflammed that no matter what i ate i'd get diarrhea. he's also the one who told me Crohns isn't associated with pain though?!?!?!
If your Dr told you that Chrons is NOT associated with Pain he should be fired.

Ive had Chrons for 11 Years and at every flare up ive had pains, i have learned to handle it with time but still it hurts alot.

1. Chrons
2. "Gassy" foods cause me alot of pain
3. Safe for me is foods that has been boiled for long times the longer the better.

I will try this elemination diet sometime im pretty sure i have man more unsafe and safe foods.
Humira & 20Mg prednisone
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1. CD. Had surgery 50 years ago. Still have a problem but manageable with a little care. Won't take most modern meds - too many bad side effects according to what I read.

2. Unsafe: any seeds or nuts, tomatoes, oranges & grapefruit (fruit or juice), plums, cherries, corn, very spicy anything, fat or very oily foods, more than 1 glass of wine or beer.

3. Safe: bananas, rice, most lean or white meats (grilled), most fish (not fried), breads, soups, pasta, potatoes.

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