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Started Juicing - Bleh

After watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and reading this forum I decided I needed juicing in my life. I don't eat vegetables and the idea of drinking them and getting so much nutrients appealed to me.
So I did the research, bought the omega 8006 juicer and I was off.
Started last weekend - carrots, kale, celery and apple. I got it down but wasn't enjoying it.
I have tried a few things and anything with kale/romaine tastes like eating my front lawn. It's difficult to get down.
I have read that my taste buds/palette will eventually change and it won't seem like I am licking my lawn more blade whenever I juice.

Before writing this, I did a Kale/Carrot/Romaine and added a bit of Ginger, a lemon and an orange. The ginger helped a little, the lemon helped alot. It was very drinkable and actually pretty good. Time to stock up on citrus.

So will I get over the "Bleh" hump? I really like the idea of super nutrient rich drinks but I have never loved raw vegetables. I do love oranges/lemons etc so they may be my saving grace.

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I also just started juicing this weekend and the only one i didnt enjoy was the sweet potato/carrot/apple... but then im not a fan off carrots or cold sweet potato, so i dont know what i was expecting haha... I think its just a case of trial and error, much like a diet for any crohns sufferer, on seeing what you enjoy and can keep inside you

OR maybe try licking your lawn first, then the juice might taste better? lol

and also, for some reason your name, Pie-Guy, literally made me laugh out loud
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and also, for some reason your name, Pie-Guy, literally made me laugh out loud
It's a play on my last name (which is Tarte). I thought it up when I was 15 and have used it ever since. There are some people in the online gaming community who don't know my real name.
I own www.pie-guy.com and have received e-mails from people asking for pie baking tips. I have to explain that I don't actually have a business selling pies.
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It took me about a week to adjust to the taste. It'll get better the more you drink and experiment with it.
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oh, yeah, the bleh hump goes away with time.

I personally tend to stick to the same veggies/fruits you did pie-guy and found it quite delicious. I think its just a matter of personal preference. A cucumber might help as well to water down the drink a bit. Too much celery can make the juice a bit salty (celery surprisingly contains a high sodium content and can affect the taste of your juice if you use too much).

I hate beets but I juiced a beet for the first time last week and it actually tasted much better than it does chewing it. But then another person I had try it who likes eating beets thought the taste of drinking it was disgusting. It's a bit of trial and error to the process but you will get it right and get over the "hump" eventually.

are you planning to do this long term or just substitute a meal or two with juicing?
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I do believe tastes are acquired so yes you will eventually acquire a tolerance for the leafy greens. Personally I will have moments where I will literally crave kale and ginger. I love kale and sometimes I just eat it raw with no dressing.

I still don't like beets too much in my juice but I still add them in to eventually acquire a taste for them.

Feel free to throw in a few fruit juices every once in awhile.

If you haven't already you can read about some recipes that myself and others on the forum have posted here: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=41839

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you get used to it,
-it will be easier if you don't drink other sweet drinks (like soda, cordial etc) and i always use mainly carrot because i love it and other veg to fill it out
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I just started juicing as well...have to admit this is more difficult than I thought. Anything with carrots...not good! lol
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are you planning to do this long term or just substitute a meal or two with juicing?
I am planning to juice at Breakfast and Supper. Breaky + eggs and Supper + whatever protein my wife and I decide on. It is more about finally getting lots of nutrients in a quick burst and low residue as a bonus.

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