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To many "itisis" for my taste

Just thought I'd post my experience with a few eye problems and see if anyone else has had simular problems.

Back in September I finally went to a eye doctor after having repeated problems with what I thought was pink eye at first. It came on fairly suddenly and my family doctor prescribed me tobramycin eye drops which seemed to help. The first time I got it, my eye was really red, super sensitive to light and painful and blurry. After I started the drops, things got better after a couple of days. Well I kept getting it again every few weeks, or randomly, can't really say I got it exactly every 3 weeks or whatever, it was just randomly. Some days I'd go a month or 2 with no problems, while other times it came back fairly quickly. I never went to the eye doctor because One, I'm stubborn like that and two it's really hard to make an appointment with work since most places or closed by the time I get off( doctors offices. Places like that) and I only get an hour lunch, so really not to easy to fit an appointment in. Plus when it flared up, it didn't always get red, sometimes it would just hurt and be blurry and sensitive to light. Usually I can feel the night before my eye will start feeling like I have something in it and I try to flush it out thinking an eyelash or something fell in it, but it's usually a sure fire sign the next day after my eye will be red again. And if I
went to the doctor, I wanted it to be when it was at its "worse" so he can see what was going on. If that made any since. Oh, and it is always my right eye.
*knock on wood* I have never had a problem with my left.

Anyway, after once again it flared up in Setember, I called that morning when I got to work I hopes I would somehow be able to get squeezed in since it was red and painful and I wanted him to see how it can get. Thankfully they were able to and I went on my lunch hour. Well the doctor saw some round thing on my cornea but did not know what it was. He told me I had keratitis, but the thing on my cornea he didn't think was part of it and he wanted me to go see a specialist. So they got me in with one the next day and I took off of work early ( since it was an hour away from work and they only had one time available) well the first specialist that looked at me, called in another and they were pretty baffled as well, but told me I had keratitis, conjunctivitis, iritis, AND uvietis. That is far to many "itisis" for my book!

I'm still not really sure what was baffling 3 doctors so much ( maybe having so many problems in one eye?) but I didn't take it as a good sign hat I just stumped 3 doctors in 2 days with 2 of them being specialist. when I do things, I do them right!

Anyway, they couldn't tell me for sure what was causing to uvietis, and/ or iritis. The keratitis and conjunctivitis was just one of those things I guess. He said though it old possibly be related to the crohns, but there was really no way to know for sure without doing a biopsy( or culture? I done forgot) he prescribed me durozel eye drops( liquid gold as I call them because a teeny bottle was insanely expensive! Don't miss your eye putting them in for sure!) might I add this stuff burns! But it did help. I had to go back for a recheck a week later( well little over a week since I was able to get it on a Friday, my normal day off work) and it was thankfully looking better.

Since then I had it reoccurs twice and went to the specialist again he had me start the same drops again. The last time I went, he told me if it happened again, he would do the biopsy( or culture?) this was I thnk around November I last saw him, and it has reoccurred 2 other times since, I couldn't get to the doctor to let him see because of course this had to happen around Christmas nd new years holiday. No one was open, I just started the drops again and by the time everything was open again it was better so I didn't worry about it. I had another flare of it 2 weeks ago and I just started the drops again and once again it's fine. I don't know which one of these "itisis" that keep coming and going though.

Now onto a few question. Has anyone had these particular problems and at once? Is it always in one eye or both or back and forth?

Another thing, and this may seriously gross people out and from my experience it sounds like it is just me in this scenario! A few times when I had a bad cold or was severely congested, when I blew my nose hard to try to clear up, I've had a couple of times white/cleanish looking snot comes out the corner of my eye by the tear duct. And yep, this has happened only to my right eye. Next time I do get into the doctor if this happened again, I'll mention it. Sometimes my eye did flare up a few days after this happened, but not all the time. But kind of wierd how this happens in first place, much less happen to be the same eye that gives me problems. Every person I have told this about has been blown away and never heard of it happen. I'll tell you it doesn't feel to good!

Long post by me again. Lol imglad I did go to the doctor for this since especially the keratitis alone could have caused me to loose my eye it had continued and the rest could damage to my eye which unfortunately I think it has a little since even when I'm not having problems, my vision is a hair blurry in my right eye. Not enough to be a problem. Sometimes it drives me nuts while others I don't even notice it.

Another question, if you have read my previous post I have posted, remember thy changed my original diagnoses fom CD to UC in 2006 which I'm still don't really believe is true. Along with my having fissures and fistulas, can UC cause these kinds of eye problems?
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I have struggled with iritis and uveitis before even being diagnosed with Crohn's, turned out to be a precursor for the disease for me. I have not dealt with your other two itis'. What I can say is that I continuously flare in one eye or the other, it goes back and forth, and also dealt with it in both eyes at the same time. They have flared to the extent that I have to keep them dilated for weeks at a time.

In regards to the Durezol, it is a new longer acting steroid so you do not have to administer it as frequently. My previous ophthalmologist pushed it pretty heavily, but due to the expense I opted for generic prednisolone drops (drastically cheaper!) where I had to administer hourly with a decrease taper over the course of a couple of months. Works exactly the same, just different frequencies.

Most recently I ended up getting steroid injections directly into my eyes and it has kept me from having a flare in over five months, so it has been a terrific course of therapy for me, although it is causing increased pressure so I have to take drops to treat glaucoma. :/

The iritis/uveitis flares are a direct correlation to what is happening in my intestines. I can tell I am flaring in my eyes before my gut ever tells me anything.

Don't know if this is of any help. I hope that you find your answers. I was fortunate to finally find an ophthalmologist that specializes in Uveitis close to my home. I am so thankful to have her!

Take care!
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My first "heads up" wrt Crohn's was a bout of severe iritis/uveitis following a couple of weeks of diarrhea
My CD (colitis) is relatively unremarkable, but I'm meticulous about watching for eye symptoms.
A few extra visits to the loo don't worry me particularly, but impaired sight definitely does!
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Same for me!

Before I was even diagnosed and started showing bowel/digestive symptoms, I "mysteriously" came down with an unexplained case of iritis/uveitis in both eyes. Was put on prednisolone and it didn't go away until a couple months seems that not too long after that I started getting a tad bit suspicious about my bowel activity....two years later and the rest was history in the making...

And yes, both Crohn's and UC and many other autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis can contribute to eye problems.

My first "heads up" wrt Crohn's was a bout of severe iritis/uveitis following a couple of weeks of diarrhea
My CD (colitis) is relatively unremarkable, but I'm meticulous about watching for eye symptoms.
A few extra visits to the loo don't worry me particularly, but impaired sight definitely does!
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