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Arthritis, anyone?

Hi all! I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with UC last summer, 2012. The prednisone/asacol mix didn't work long, so I was started on Remicade (8 week intervals) which did the trick. Later in the fall, I started getting arthritis symptoms, starting sooner after each infusion as time went on. My docs (GI and Rheum.) think I have the arthritis that is unique to colitis, but with there being no definitive testing for this, they cannot be sure. I've started Remicade every six weeks (next infusion May 7) and at a higher dose. I'm also taking sulfasalazine, as well. (three a day now, 4 made me very tired, but I'm working my way back up.) Both treat arthritis and the colitis.
My question, anyone else dealing with arthritis? What are your experiences and thoughts. For me, although the last infusion is keeping the arthritis mostly at bay, (after 5 weeks; the last Remi. only lasted 2 weeks). I've still got some colitis symptoms and, although I really, really don't want surgery, I also am having a hard time with this "roller coaster" of symptoms. It's hard on my family, work, etc. Surgery may be the best option - don't yet know.
I'm beginning to get my energy back after my two flares in Feb. and March.
My other meds are: synthroid for Hypothyroidism; also calcium, Super B complex, iron, and some St. John's Wort - all approved by my doc.
Thanks for any input
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I have crohns colitis and have enteropathic arthritis and even though the Drs say my crohns is in remission I am still having a lot of problems with severe joint pain. I am waiting to hear back from the GI to see what medications I could possibly try next. I was told by my GI that even if I had surgery for crohns it was possible that my arthritis symptoms would still persist. I don't know if this would be the case for UC.
If it continues tell the rheumatologist and GI and see if they can improve things for you it's not worth holding out and suffering x
Current meds

Previous meds
Pentasa, Aza, 6mp, Remicade, Humira and Sulfasalazine
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Hi there!
I'm on remicade as well and had my 3rd dose about 3 weeks ago and have had severe inner knee (both knees) pain for about 2 weeks.. I was wondering if it was just me or if it could be caused by the treatment... I have also recently started Azathioprine so could it be that?
It's really awful.. At least we're not eer alone by the sounds of it!
Diagnosis: Unclassified October 2012 - Crohn's confirmed February 2013 - Returned to unclassified in May 2013
Surgery: None
Now: Stress related symptoms only since last flare-up in Feb. 2013
Current Meds: Multivitamin, Mercaptopurine (stopped temporarily), Ferrous fumerate, Lansoprazole and 8 weekly infliximab treatment (Remicade)
Previous Meds: Mezavant (Mesallazine) and azathioprine (stopped due to abnormal LFTs)
Number of flare-ups: Seven
No flare-ups since July 2013
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Hi ladies from across the pond! I had a reaction at my last infusion, so no more Remicade for me. We'll try another biological and see if that works. So far, still doing well, but the arthritis can really be dibilitating when it kicks in severely. I'm thinking the sulfasalzine is helping as much as anything. We are not alone with arthritis; it just doesn't seem to get a lot of attention.
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We are not alone with arthritis; it just doesn't seem to get a lot of attention.
My son has Crohn's Related Enthesitis. I find it hard to get GI to take any notice of what is happening with the enthesitis and how that might relate to his Crohn's. It is frustrating.

Do any of you get debilitating fatigue/general flu-like feelings from the arthritis when your Crohn's/Colitis is otherwise under control?
Son (age 13) diagnosed with Crohn's Feb. 2012.
Currently on Imuran and Sulfasalazine.

Also taking: TuZen probiotic and following a low FODMAP diet (not very strictly).

Past Treatments: Prednisone, Flagyl, Cipro, Pentasa, exclusive EN via NG tube (6 weeks), Prevacid, Iberogast (20 drops twice a day) and high doses of vitamin B2.
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Hey guys , I have arthritis and its a killer spesh in my wrists and kness
Oooo the pain of that sucker
I use deep heat on my self which takes the edge off
Hope you all get better x

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