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Cimzia/Certolizumab Club

This is a place to provide information for other parents about you and your child's experiences with Cimzia/Certolizumab.

It is also an area to ask questions and please bear in mind that there is no such thing as a dumb question. If you haven't found an answer to what you are seeking then there is every likelihood that it has never been asked and therefore you won't be alone in wanting to know, so ask away!

This is a list of questions for those parent's that have travelled the Cimzia path and hopefully by answering them newbies to the treatment will have many, if not all, of their questions answered.

1. Why was your child prescribed Cimzia?

2. Have they previously been on a different biologic? If so, which and for how long?

3. Does your child take any other medications in conjunction with Cimzia. If so, which?

4. Is your child diagnosed with Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis?

5. What dose and regime was prescribed?

6. Has the dose been changed over time and why?

7. Did your child have any adverse/allergic reactions?
If so what were they and how was it dealt with.

8. How long does the injection take?

9. Do you use a pen or syringe?

10. Did you have a choice of which method to use and if so why did you choose the one you did?

11. Are there any preparations that need to be made?
e.g. Do you/they prepare the injection site in any way to reduce the pain caused by the injection.

12. Does your child do their own injections?

13. Where do you/your child inject on the body?

14. Is there a time of day and/or day of the week that is preferable?

15. Can you still administer injections if you are unwell or have an infection?

16. Did Cimzia work for your child and how long was it prescribed for?

17. If it didn't work or treatment has been discontinued why is that?

18. How is the treatment monitored for success (i.e. what tests and how often)?

19. What indications/results does your GI look for that would indicate a problem, either that the medication is 'failing' or that the medication is causing an adverse or concerning reaction?

20. How often are bloods drawn?

21. How is the cost of the injection covered?

22. How do you obtain supplies: Pick up from a pharmacy/hospital or are they delivered to your home?

23. Any other tips or information?

Thank you to those that are able to contribute to gathering of this information and if you think of any other questions that would be useful please let me know and I will add them.

For those wishing additional information please have a look at the Cimzia article located here in the wiki and at the Cimzia Forum located here.

Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.

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