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I also got knocked back from the police service over here for having Crohns...and the RAF.

Now I work as an Operations Coordinator for BT. We look facilities like cleaning, heating etc on BT sites.

Its a desk job, so its handy for the loo. I told them at my interview I had crohns disease, and was actually going through a flare up at the time of my interview, full of pred and with big hamster cheeks. Still got the job!

People I work with know what I have and I suppose are ok with it. My director, on the other hand, doesnt have a clue. He pulled me up for my absences last year, even though I had doctors notes, hospital stays etc, to prove I was really ill. He still watches me now, which is why I am at work mid-flare up scared to take the time off in case I lose my job. Its not so bad in the morning, but in the afternoon I am absolutely exhausted and just struggle to do anything at all. Watch this space.
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I was just graduated from my collage,I think I am going to be a worker.
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I am a data encoder. My office mates knew about my condition, so when i'm flaring and need to go to the bathroom, they understand.
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I am a graduate student major in finance and trying to get my master's degree.
I had plan for a phd program before diagnosed, but now an analyst job seems better for me.
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I train/work with horses, I'm training towards my BHS (British Horse Society) exams. :-)
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· Stoma
Such interesting careers!

I'm a business analyst for a hospital corporation. I have a lot of flexibility regarding doctors' appointments and can work from home once in a while if necessary.
Very interesting. I'm in need of a Crohn's friendly career. I've been researching
the work of a business analyst. Would it be alright if I picked your brain in a little more depth?

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Self employed. Digital currency exchange.
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im a cardiovascular icu nurse x 20yrs probably the worst jobs for Crohn's but it keeps me in check when feeling sorry for myself what i go thru is nothing compared to what these people go through
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I'm working on getting my Ph.D. is physics, specializing in space physics
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anyone here can help me out and get me a job?
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I'm the CEO of a small corporation. We broker diamonds to the jewelry industry. We also own a vintage jewelry store, a pawn shop, and several ATM Machines around the city. Additionally, we have a nice size eBay store where we liquidate inventory from our pawn shop to the public at wholesale prices. My job is a lot of fun and I am 100% hands-on.
Chron's Disease since 1978
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Asacol & Uceris + a few other meds
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i sell parts on ebay. motorcycle parts. i let my employees run the business. im super happy that i make enough money while i cant work.
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Work in construction. I have a job as a mobile crane operator. Was in remission for 12 years after a resection. The disease just came back but we caught it early. Treating with azathioprine. It's a high stress job with not the best washroom facilities but I manage. Also extremely long hours. (80 last week) fortunately I have a fantastic benefits package. Not sure how long I can keep working though if the disease comes back hard.
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I was PM's Assistant at a Construction Company until I had my son in 2011. Now I took an old job working at a health club. I guess my main job title is a Stay at Home Mom to a busy toddler, but I work in the daycare and fill in for other departments like Membership. It's laid back, I can take my son to work and they are extremely flexible when I need time off. I don't wish to work here forever though, as I was in the middle of job hunting when I had my bowel resection in May and have been flaring up every few weeks since. I plan to get a desk job somewhere again and hope for an understanding employer. Dream job would be working for a video game company. I had a passion for PC games and since those have died out, I don't think I'll be heading in that direction anymore I would love to work from home like a few of these other individuals, but I find I have horrible anxiety and work myself up about new job titles and descriptions so stick to job titles I know like Administrative work. Hopefully something different will come my way soon! My step Dad has Crohn's as well and he owns his own construction company. He's up at the crack ass of dawn, works out and is running around to meetings all day. But, his office is out of his home, so It does help. He originally was a high school math teacher, but soon retired and moved into the construction industry. Not due to his Crohns, just wanting a change.
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I work as a youth counselor in a residential home setting. It is a high stress job, but I manage by starting to go to the gym and eating as healthy as possible. My team is also very supportive, and my supervisor is the sweetest person ever. I work crazy hours, but I am hoping by the beginning of next year, I will work weekday mornings and start going to grad school part time to become a Licensed Family Therapist.
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Hi my 13 year old son has moderate crohns and the last couple days he has had loose stools and today it was clear has anyone one else had it
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I am a middle school Spanish teacher. I have been teaching HS Spanish until this year... It can be very difficult with such tight schedules... AKA no time between students leaving and entering my classroom, but my co-workers are very understanding and helpful when emergencies arise!

I also teach Zumba part-time 3x per week... I am one of the "healthier" Crohnies IMO (most of the time/knocks on wood) so I have stayed active teaching school & Zumba throughout my worst of flares, unless hospitalized...

I do what I love and won't let this disease change what I am meant to do

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength."

Diagnosed w/Crohn's in 2003- Been on Pentasa, Prednisone, Entocort... Now on Humira
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I work in an office setting, doing logs for television broadcast. I'm lucky that I am able to work on my own and can take breaks when I need to.

I think any job from this point on will have to be the same sort of thing. I couldn't imagine travelling with work or being outside for long periods of time.
I feel much more comfortable knowing if I am sick I can just sit at my desk quietly or take a break to use the washroom if needed.
I'm pretty happy with my job.
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I also work in an office! Restroom is about 30 seconds away, my bosses are cool with everything. My company is a tech-heavy company that understands employees' wellness and health comes before everything else. Nice to have a supportive place away from the safety of my home as well.
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I've had several different jobs over the years. Last year I worked in a homeless shelter, which was tough on my mind but very easy on my body. I also worked at a lab doing some climate change research and in the field doing stream characterization over different land-cover types. This was pretty easy on my body too.

This year, I worked as a server at a restaurant, until I encountered some issues with pay... This job was more strenuous on my body and mind, but not too bad since the hours weren't that long.

Now, I'm working at a greenhouse... I'm realizing I bit off more than I can chew. I've been working there a little over a month now. The hours are long, the work is strenuous, and the temperature changes between the greenhouses, outside, and packing room are massive. I'm now in a flare-up and have had to call out multiple times.. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to stay here.

I'm only living where I am until December though, so am not sure if I'll be able to find another job that is less hard on my body. Luckily I'm seeing the doctor on Wednesday, so will take it from there..
Crohn's Disease - Significant Narrowing in Ileum - 25 years old - Diagnosed '07
Lactose/Gluten Intolerance
Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Currently taking:
Whole foods multivitamin
Probiotics (including homemade sauerkraut and kombucha)
Digestive Enzymes
Sublingual B-12 spray
Tumeric Curcumin

Have taken:
Entocort - summer 2011/2013
Pentasta (up to 4g) - until 04/12/2011
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I am a garbage man? Lol that's it garbage pays my bills!!
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I'm a gardener/groundie at a university. Anyone who thinks that we tickle flowers and slowly shape topiary in a zen like trance is sadly mistaken. We lift heavy stuff, etc for most of the day.Ever spent 8 and a half hours on a pole chainsaw crown lifting trees in 40 degree heat? Good thing about a Uni is that all buildings have a loo. eternally grateful. Also understanding co-workers. One bloke I work with has his young bloke with Crohn's. I just seem to delay the healing process when positioning 80kg trees in planting hole positions.
Used to be a farm worker, labourer, grave digger (yes, all with a shovel), tree surgeon, forestry, etc. Retraining slowly to become a library technician.
Oh- today is cold and wintery and my bum is still bleeding after six months so I'm trying to write an essay for a BA unit on Australian history while laying on the floor. Happy days.
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I currently work at a grocery store, but I am trying to get hired as a firefighter.
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I'm an artist. I currently work for a company making wax figures for a popular tourist attraction chain. lately I've been given a chance to gain a new better paid skill. I'm loving it but my condition worsened since (stress?). Let's see how long I last!
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and that is a hilarious user name!

current diagnosis is undiagnosed (possible Celiac disease)

Colonoscopy done August 2013, no evidence of Crohn's seen, biopsies done and one polyp removed.
Polyp is precancerous adenoma

(Diagnosed with a diffuse astrocytoma (brain tumor) 5/31/13.
Craniotomy with tumor resection performed July 2013. 99% of WHO grade II diffuse astrocytoma removed, MRI scheduled every 6 months to monitor for regrowth.)
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I work in Financial Investments (desk job). My dream job would be writing film scores for movies.
“Looking into the spirit of others is sometimes like looking into a pond. Though we aim to see what's deep in the bottom, we are often distracted by our own reflection.”
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I am a Police Officer, when I have a flare up it does make the job diffilcult. However my Police Force are very understanding, and let me take time off without any issues.

The biggest problem I have is if I am a passenger in the police car, I then get severe travel sickness which sometimes causes my Crohns to go berserk!

So I generally try and drive all the time, although this is not always possible.

Other than that I manage quite well.
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I have a degree in early childhood education. I was a nanny for 4 years. I currently just became med certified. I am planning on becoming a host home provider for a developmentally disabled person.
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I refuel aircraft and it's a very heavy job all of the time, maneuvering large fuelling platforms pulling and lifting very heavy hoses onto aircraft so when I have a flare up of joint pain it makes my job very difficult. I can't take any painkillers until after work as I have to be in control at all times when refuelling. At the moment I dred going to work because of the pain I'm also looking for a new job. 😢

- now Free
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I used to be an Art Director in an Advertising agency, but that was a bit stressful. I now teach graphic design at a local college. I love it!

Diagnosed: 2004
Abcess: 2011
TI resection 2013 (60 cm of small bowel)

Current: Stelara, Methotrexate, Questran, B12 injections, metoprolol, sertraline

Past medications: pentasa, remicade, humira, cimzia, imuran, prednisone, entocort, 6mp
Adverse reactions: Entyvio, Remicade, Humira, Cimzia, Imuran, 6MP

Diagnoses: Crohn's Disease, Iron deficiency Anemia, B12 Anemia, Osteoporosis, Migraines, Anxiety

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