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Asca test inconcludent

Hi all.

I ask my doctor to do a asca test.

Igg asca came back at 24.
Range was 0-20 negative.
21-25 inconclusive
25 positive

Iga asca came back at 7.
Range was same as above.

I asked for this test because I have fear about to possibly have chron.
My mother ad for all life colitis, but not diagnosed with chron or ulcerative colitis, maybe it's undeterminate colitis.
I read that a healty person with relatives with IBD can have positive asca test.

Others test I had done in past year was:

Blood test normal, even with diarrhea and pain
Crp at 1 or 0, I don't know exactly
Positive for lactose genetic test.
Vitamin B12 at 192 so was a little low
Vitamin D a little low
Ferritin 20, but most of my life I had this value

Calprotectin I done several test and came back this value: 178-30-85-300-0. I had 178 in february 2013, then in august 300, and in december 0.

For all year I had irritable bowel symptoms like.

I started with a low fodmap diet in september and that helped a lot.

I noticed that carbs like pasta, riso and cake, bread, biscuit was not good for me but I ate a lot of them for all my entire life.

Now I'm 44 yo.

Should be worrried about my igg asca level ?

Should I assume that yeast baker was bad for me ?

Thank you.
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Should I assume that yeast baker was bad for me ?
No because there is considerble cross reactivity amongst other commencal bacteria and other yeast type, a positive ASCA test usually doesn't tell you much. It's possible, but no one is really sure what relevance an ASCA test has in CD, it's quite unreliable and we're not sure what it actually means, it might be cross reactivity, it might just relate to the inflammation and damange of the lining, it often fluctuates and once the inflammation subsides and bowel heals, so will the ASCA scores in most GI diseases, regardless of your diet.
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With asca at 24 should I assume I have cD or not ?
Dose Asca test positive among healthy persons ?
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No, you can't diagnose CD with an ASCA test, you need a colonoscopy with biopsy to be sure. Some seemingly healthy ppl do have positive ASCA scores sometimes, and positive ASCA tests are seen in multiple intestinal diseases. At best ASCA is another indicator after a colooscopy, but it's highly unreliable.
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I think in order for you to diagnose/rule out IBD, a colonoscopy/endoscopy is a must. A CT enterography or MRI would be helpful as well. Like Kiny said, you cannot be officially diagnosed with Crohn's or Colitis without a scope. Good luck and keep us updated.
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So that's my story.... I don't have an official label of Crohn's but my asca was positive and I have syntoms for years: heartburn, maldigestion, meteorism, diarrhea off and on, mucus but no blood.
Doctor label this irritable bowel syndrom, but I don't have a colonoscopy.

I start in 2010 with digestive enzyme and helped a lot, took valeriana for panick attack, I suffer from panic and ansiety. I had also cronic sinusitis for years.

I have tested my gut bacteria with a real expensive test, that test for good and bad bacteria, parasites, yeast, elastase, iga, istamine, serotonine.
I tested this in 2011 and 2014.
In 2011 I had clostridium high and bifidobacteria reduced, and other reduced level of iga, serotonine, ecc. but no presence of yeast.
I took a little probiotics but really do nothing incisive.
Then in february 2013 I had 3 weeks of diarrhea and pain but my Blood test was normal, and ecography of abdomen normal, so I don't have nothing for The doctor (ah I also had oral candida when I start with diarrhea ! I took a cream and was gone, but return after a months, mouth candida, other cream and was gone.)
Diarrhea stopped but I tested calprotectin a 178! A second Blood test was also normal.
I began read about celiachia and I began to eat gluten free, all gluten free (pasta, bread, cakes). I know I was lactose intollerant, I tested my Blood and have positive genetics test about lactose, so I must eat all without lactose. I began in 2011 to eat lactose free with only little improvement so I know there's other problems with me

Return at 2013: february diarrhea and calprotectin 178, Blood test and eco normal, but I had little pain off and on and never really gone away. Doctor was no worrried and gave nothing to me, nothing
From february to august I eat all gluten free, I really loves biscuit, bread, pasta and eat a little meat, no fruit, no veggies, only carbs! Then in august again 3 weeks of diarrhea and pain, calprotectin 85 then 302! I tested calprotectin myself in private labs because I was worrried to possibly have IBD.

I read on internet, find a immunologist and done tests: celichia negative, genetic predisposition negative!
Immunology panel show igg3 down and igg4 high, but igg total was normal, so doctor tell me don't worry. Then asca test positive at 24! I asked also my gastro for The asca but he replied that he don't done these tests at all, so he don 't really know about asca's!

I find a book about low fodmap diet, read all, and start this diet. I also took bioflorin for help The good gut flora.

From september to december I change my diet to low fodmap, so low sugar and low carbs, and more meat. I had poor level of b12 and vit.D. I took digestive enzyme, bioflorin, vitamins. Calprotectin in december was 0 ! I had a little pain off and on, that never gone, but stools improved. B12 and vit,D improved and I feel better more energetics.
I suffer from low blood pressions and low ferritin.

My mother have IBS, done several colonoscopy that showed only benign polips, nothing about inflammation so no IBD... But she suffered all life with this symptoms, but never done tests AS calpro or asca.
My father no problem with gut or diabete.
In my family really no one have Crohn's .... Only my mother suffer from IBS but other parents all died at older age (80 or 90). So i don't think there are case of Crohn's.
Can i be The only sfortunate and have Crohn's ??

In 2014 I retest The gut and flora was good, no clostridium... So bioflorin worked.

I think The carbs and sugars really was no good for me, but stop eaten all it 's difficult and I lost weight.

It's possible to be intollerant to sugar and baker and that can lead to Crohn's ?

I also have sugar level up and down, like up to 10 then down to 3 in 4 hours, but no diabete.

Maybe celiacs controls their symptoms with a gluten free diet.... Can be possible to control IBD symptoms with a diet of low (or not at all) carbs ? That's my questions!

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Can be possible to control IBD symptoms with a diet of low (or not at all) carbs ? That's my questions!
carbs are one of the tree macronutrients your body uses, if you eat no carbs you would die rather quickly would be my guess

around 60% of a healthy normal diet consists of carbs, you can't function without them

there are "low carb" diets, but these diets have their own issues, they tend to be high protein diets and protein is hard on your kidneys

another issue is that "low carb" diets rely not only on protein, but on fat, while fat is a good energy source, in high quantities it is much more damaging to your body than a high amount of carbs, eating lots of fat is bad for your arteries and heart

while there's lots of diets ppl use for IBD, none have been proven to be effective, which is why most doctors are apprehensive in telling their patients to rely on a diet instead of medication

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