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Restless Leg Syndrome

Does anyone experience restless leg syndrome? For the past week whenever I go to lay down, I get tingly legs and feel the need to move them. I looked it up and it says anemia can be a reason for it. I was curious if anyone else had this problem?
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I get pretty bad RLS occasionally. there are so many different causes of it. I thought about getting meds for it, but then I read some of the possible side effects and it wasn't worth it to me.
If you do stretches or go for a walk before bed it may help a little bit. I also found taking a hot bath helps but that might be in my head
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This happens to my daughter fairly often....we've never found out why.
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I've had this for the last 6 months. For me, I think it's just old age.
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I get it but only after taking certain medications and general aneasthetics in particular. I can't stand it! After I had a fairly major operation, for a couple of nights I had it so badly I was constantly getting in and out of bed. Combined with insomnia and the pain from the operation, it was one of the most unpleasant sensations I've ever had and I thought the night was never going to end. The other people on my hospital ward probably weren't that pleased with me moving around all night either. I had to appologise in the morning.

I think there are meds that can help with it, but since I only get it so rarely I haven't really looked into that.
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I used to have it extensively. It has not shown up for me in several years, coincidentally about the time I stopped needing infusions and transfusions. If you are seeing your doctor soon, check into some blood work and get it verified. other possibilities include nutrient imbalances (potassium being a key one).
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My mom had this really badly, and her doctor said it was due to anemia. She takes iron and hasn't had a problem with it since.

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yip i had it for a while during my diagnosis period. Definatley put it down to low B-12 and low iron. When I got that sorted it went away and hopefully not coming back. It used to drive my wife nuts.

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Yes, I suffer with this from time to time - used to call it "my mother's legs" as she used to get it. I've read somewhere that this is recognised as being hereditary?
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Hi RissalUP2016! I suffer from restless legs quite a bit. Mostly either when I've had too much caffeine to late at night (really bad) or when I have been inactive, sat or lying down for a period of time & especially if my legs are hot! Taking socks off if possible, that helps to cool down. I've heard that an imbalance of minerals could be a factor, but I would advise you to speak to your GP x hope you can find some relief X
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Thanks for sharing everyone. Hubbys got RLS. I will share this thread with him. So glad I found it.
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It is worse when I don't feel well and when I am hot.


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In addition to what has been mentioned, magnesium deficiency is also EXTREMELY common in people with Crohn's disease and can lead to RLS.
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I get rls a lot too, I sleep with my mattress raised slightly at the bottom and this helps me a lot
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I had another surgery earlier this week, and have got Restless Leg Syndrome from the aneasthetic as I usually do. But last night I tried putting pillows under my knees, and it actually really helped.
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late to the party I know, buut add me to the list- usually when I flare the restless leg syndrome starts- dunno why misery has to be piled upon misery- the restless legs are very uncomfortable- it's a buzzing, tingling, vibrating-like feeling

Also get 'brain zaps' when I get flares- seems to kinda go hand in hand with the restless leg syndrome- feels like a sensation of slight electrical shock waving htrough my skull- loud sudden noises seem to trigger it sometimes, but they happen for no reason either- Yet another unpleasant symptom to suffer with-
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Nazareth, have you ever had your vitamin B12 level tested?
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Yes, they are all fine- just had complete workups- was low in vitamin D- like really low- 9- was hoping that was the cause, but levels are back up over 35 and still have the problems- I'm slowly coming to the realization that my symptoms are Crohn's related- crohn's aggravated- I did take a bunch of tonic water last night because I couldn't stand the RLS any longer- and took a magnesium, and potassium- the legs calmed enough for me to get to sleep- I don't like using quinine, as it can have pretty severe reactions, but I was desperate-legs are still b'uzzing' today- but not as bad as yesterday and last week- I think I might be flaring
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I have had the same responses from most doctors I asked about it until I mentioned it to my rheumatologist and he said it was a neurological. That make perfect sense when you realize it's NOT cramping. I take a 1mg of Ropinirole HCL and it seems to reduce the number and severity of the episodes.
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Yep, magnesium defiency was the culprit. Magnesium is also easy to get into the system via the skin using a spray bottle or foot bath.
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I have it, not diagnosed but have it. I get it pretty bad sometimes. I have so many issues I haven't even treated this one.
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I have this, plus periodic limb movement disorder. I take pregabalin for both and it's really helped.
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I have not been diagnosed with RLS, but I have essential tremor. In fact it was my neurologist who first came to realize I was suffering from nutritional deficiency. She did not know why. But it was another thing to note about my condition.

I believe my ET is a result of my Crohns. As I get my deficiencies resolved my ET has been under more control.
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I have it, not diagnosed but have it. I get it pretty bad sometimes. I have so many issues I haven't even treated this one.
That's how I feel. Have so many problems, so many doctors' appointments, so have to prioritise what I get diagnosed and treated, otherwise I'd never leave hospital. Plus I worry about being labelled a hypochondriac. But unfortunately rather than trying to get treatments for the conditions that cause me most distress, I usually end up seeing doctors about the ones that I know the doctors will deem most serious. Doctors and I don't have the same priorities.
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I would also look into L-glutamine. It can help with nerve/pain problems as well as help the lining of your stomach. I'm trying it myself in the hopes it will help my fibromyalgia.
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I have RLS. But im nit going to take anymore meds than I am. Will deal with it.

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