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42 and just diagnosed with crohns - had no idea


I'm 42 and I just don't know where to start to be honest. I went to my GP a few weeks back as I'd had blood in my stools for over 6 weeks. There is a strong history of bowel cancer in my family, with my mum, maternal aunt, maternal gran and maternal great aunt all having had/passed from bowel cancer. The initial consultation ruled out everything minor so I had a full colonoscopy on Friday. I was so prepared for it to be cancer that I couldn't even take it in when he said there was no cancer but I 'almost certainly' have Crohns. I have to go back next week to get the full results of all the biopsies and discuss treatment.

I just didn't see it coming. I've never known anyone with crohns and have no understanding of it at all. I spent all day Friday and yesterday so relieved it wasn't cancer that I didn't even start to think about what the crohns means for me. I've woken up this morning and started to look online at it but now I feel confused as I don't seem to have any of the symptoms. I've had the bleeding and I could see the area on the screen was all bloody, blistered and yellow so I know something's there, but that's all.

I haven't had any of the pain described, I haven't been fatigued. I've had 3 bouts of lower tummy pain that lasted about 15 mins each time and that's all. I'm wondering now whether it can be crohns but he seemed so certain. I know I will know more next week but just wondered if other people have had crohns without much of the symptoms.

Am going to start reading as much as I can on here for now but would be grateful for any opinions. Thanks.

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Hiya,with any luck your crohns will be brought under control quickly with medication and with a few adjustments to lifestyle you,ll be fine.theres loads of tips on here but always go with your doctor and clinic nurses advice,you,ll find loads of diet stuff related to crohns but basically watch oily greasy fatty foods raw veggies and some fruit are triggers but you,ll get wise to that,if your a smoker stop its not a good mix with crohns.good luck all the best
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Hi Helen and welcome to the club.

With your families history of cancer I'm glad that was ruled out.
Crohn's can be a tricky disease. You can have lots of symptoms that go beyond the GI track or you can be completely asymptomatic and not know anything is wrong until there are major complications.

On a side note be careful using the internet to get info. It's a double edged sword. There is good info to be found but the are no shortage of worst case scenario. Keep in mind people doing well are not usually on the web...they'reout living their lives .

My suggestion is to go to your local library and pick up a couple books written by GI specialist.

Also, keep a notebook handy to write down any questions you may have for your next doctors appointment.

Sending you my support.
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Hi and welcome.
people have different symptoms depending on location of disease and different degrees of symptoms depending on severity of disease.
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Hi, I was diagnosed with Crohn's a few years ago and have never had any of the 'typical' symptoms. I first got a fistula, which every doctor I went too kept telling me it was hammies, until I got a colonoscopy and they said I had an anul fistula from Crohn's disease.
I have never had D's or weight loss (in fact I am overweight), or tummy pain or blood in my stool. The GI put me on medication and going by my last scan I am in remission. I still have trouble in my fistula area once a month but I know what to avoid and what helps.
I was so stressed at first, I worried that every feeling I had was Crohn's related and it was doing my head in. I would stalk forums like this, just trying to get more info. My doctor acted like everything was fine because I didn't have symptoms, he wouldn't even refer me to a GI until I demanded he do so. This was my best move, my GI is nice, knowledgeable and free (he doesn't charge anyone with Crohn's, its all bulk billed)
My GI has helped me understand, so now I take my maintenance medication, watch my diet and take one day at a time.
Don't let any doctor play down the fact that you have very little symptoms, my GI told me that just because I don't have symptoms doesn't mean the disease can't be active and causing damage.

My best advice for you is to keep a food diary for a few months, you'll notice symptoms and start understanding your own body. Also, that whilst research and understanding of the disease is paramount, remember to not become obsessed with Crohn's Disease and stop living your life, we all have the same disease but different symptoms.
Good Luck and welcome.
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My best advice for you is to keep a food diary for a few months, you'll notice symptoms and start understanding your own body.
that is not true for every patient.

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