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Starting humira

So- I start humira this Saturday. Someone just told me I should push it off as I have had a cold and a lingering cough for almost 2 weeks. Do I? Is it enough to skip my start date? All advice is welcome. Tia

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I would ask your GI or IBD nurse. If it's just the remains of a mild cold bug then you may be OK to go ahead, but if you have any sort of temperature or a productive cough it would probably be best to hold off a while until they can be sure there is no infection that would get worse with starting the Humira.

I had similar issues when I started and we did postpone it until I felt better.
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Same as what nitty said. I would call because it is better to wait than deal with infection.
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Whats the hurry unless your hurting. Its going to be non effective in about six months.sorry to say.
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@cloudcloudrunrun why do you say that?
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I agree with nitty.
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Whats the hurry unless your hurting. Its going to be non effective in about six months.sorry to say.
Humira has been effective for me for 5 years. Now my levels have dropped and we are increasing to weekly injections. Not everybody has the same experience on these medications.
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DS has been on humira for close to five years
We have had to increase frequency but that is common in kids since their immune system is growing and arthritis is hard to control
Crohns has been stable since the beginning
Good luck

Ask your gi when to hold and when to call once you start humira
Each doc has different protocols
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