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Inflamatory bowel disease

I have been diagnosed with inflamed colon with CT scan including contrast colonoscopy shows no inflamation several biopsies taken by GI doc to rule out Microscopic colitis
I have let this go too long. Hashimoto autoimmune thyroiditis confirmed by labsback in 2007.
Periods of watery diarrhea sometimes lasting over a month with small amounts of bright red blood hospitalized for three days for dehydration given antibiotic another Ct performed ten days later still shows inflamed colon. Colonoscopy clean so samples taken for MC.
Home from hospital now have bloating and and am in horrible pain Fell full from ribs to hips radiating pain around belly button left side and right side pain by hip bones and feel pressure to "go"
But unable to pass stool HELP!
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I am sorry. Is there a laxative you can take?
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Currently taking miralax with no results.
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Currently taking miralax with no results.
Could you try Milk of Magnesia? It tastes horrible but was the one laxative that is easy enough on my insides to take. With quick results at that.
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Plenty water too.Is there something that would make you loose when you were well? ie: prunes.oranges etc. It's a horrible situation to be in.I'd much rather be loose than the opposite.If you get no relief soon or by tomorrow,I would get in touch with your family doctor.Try a warm bath or a heating pad to ease the pain mean while.I hope you feel better soon.Please let us know.
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Try eating some pears to help with the bm issue. Pears work wonders sometimes. Good luck, I hope you start feeling better.


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