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Nervous about... hot air balloon ride

Hello all,

I am new here. Looking forward to hearing your stories and sharing support. I was diagnosed with crohn's as a child and have been living with it for the last 13 years through my adolescence and early adulthood. While my crohn's has gotten better with age and I have not been on any medical treatment in years, fairly recently it has been flaring up and my stomach has been a bit unpredictable at times, especially when stressed or nervous. And when it's unpredictable, it's URGENT! Haha

Here is my dilemma. My boyfriend has a big birthday coming up, and I want to make it really special for him. I remember him saying over a year ago how he really wants to sky dive someday, and also how it would be way cool to go on a hot air balloon ride. I doubt he even remembers telling me this, but I took good notes

I found a hot air balloon place nearby and called to get some information on it. It is totally doable and within my price range so I desperately want to go through with it. I think it would be a fantastic memory and make him really happy.

However, when I am in situations where there is no bathroom nearby, I tend to panic/stress myself out and that upsets my stomach and makes it worse. I am so afraid this will happen thousands of feet up in the air. I mean literally, if I get on that hot air balloon, there is NO option of using a bathroom and it scares me to death! But it is such a wonderful idea, it pains me that my crohn's would keep me from going through with it.

Thoughts/tips? Anyone been in a similar situation??

Thank you!
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That would be a wonderful birthday gift!

I can usually take Imodium when I have a stressed tummy, is this something you can take? I know not everyone can take it.

I hope you are able to take the balloon ride!

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A GI doc (or try your GP if you don't have a GI currently) could prescribe Lomotil which is a stronger version of Imodium. Could give that a try. Also, it pains me to say but maybe, just maybe you could wear a large pad or adult diaper just in case? No one has to know really as you aren't gonna be playing grab ass with another person up there who controls the balloon. :P Just change right after and if all else fails, tell them you can't be up there for long (dunno how long those rides usually are) and don't eat anything questionable.

Welcome to the forum! Would you like to share more about yourself in the Your Story section of the forum so we can all get to know you better?
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