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Urologist Idiot!

Sooooo... I'm the hospital in November due to a high fever which isn't an abnormal way for my Crohn's to manifest, but turns out it wasn't due to Crohn's this time. They believe I have a urinary tract infection, but there are no signs of infection or anything, and my only symptom is pain right before urination.

They decide to send me to an urologist who I can't see until I get an ultrasound and who takes months to get into!

When I finally see him, he does nothing except repeat what my GP believes the problem to be (my battered up intestine fusing to my bladder) and orders a cystoscopy in the very far future.

This finally happens and guess what.... my bladder if FINE FROM THE INSIDE like we expected!!!! Now I have to make an appointment with him in 3 months..... WHY??? He can't do anything for me and hasn't done anything for me to date. What a stupid system!

Thank you for allowing me to vent.
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Hmm...high fever and some pain....Perhaps there was a slight infection that was causing the problem? Worse comes to worse, take garlic capsules daily for 2 weeks and see if that helps. It is a natural antibiotic. Drink cranberry juice (or take cranberry capsules) and really clean out your bladder. Docs don't always have the answers and sometimes have to do a great deal of searching before they figure out the problem.

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