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Newly diagnosed!

Hey everyone,

I am 23 and was just diagnosed with Chrons Disease on Tuesday. I'm a little scared from what I should expect from all of this. It all started when my eye flared up and they said it was "scleritis" and asked if I had ever been diagnosed with chrons disease. Then it all went downhill from there. I was admitted in the hospital last week, be cause I had to also get my appendix removed on top of everything else. They said the chrons could have been the reason my appendix went bad.I have been put on Salofalk, Imuran, Cipro, Flagyl which make me feel pretty sick. I have been extremely depressed about all of this, and I was just wondering how all of you cope with this disease? And if anyone is on the drugs I am on, what can I expect from them?
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Awww, it's okay to feel scared when you're first diagnosed. There is a lot to learn and think about, and it can become so overwhelming. The tricky thing about Crohn's is that everyone's symptoms are so different, and what works for one person may not work for another.
There is a ton of good info here to read up on.
Glad you found us, and welcome!
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Hi Meg, welcome to the forum and another Canadian I see! . I have lived on Cipro, Flagyl and Salofalk (off and on with Salofalk and Pentasa) and you have to keep eating (small meals) and drink water, it helps, Imuran made me ill, cant take that. You are on potent drugs. Take them separately so you dont feel it so much. I have had Crohns many years, but not as young as you when I started.

It can be depressing and scary but you have some of us to help you along the way. There is alot of information here, ask any questions, hopefully we can calm your fears....been there done that. Education of this disease is crucial, and NOT everyone has the same problems ok? Hang in there!
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I'm sorry to hear your news, but you have found a group of people that care and will listen and help you as you make sense of everything! I am still trying to make sense of all the medications too so maybe we can help each other with that. I have only been on Entocort (good results) and Asacol and Pentasa (not so good) because I'm afraid of drugs and insisted on doing my own research before starting any. I would definitely recommend getting as much info as you can about the medications so you can be a big part of deciding your treatment plan.

As for diet, you can find a lot of info here too...for me I have trouble with coffee, excessive sweets, and highly processed food like fast food. When I feel best is when I eat frequent small meals and drink a lot of water. I would also recommend yogurt, and fish if you like it!

Anyways, welcome! Good thoughts headed your way!
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Welcome Meg!

These guys on here will have you laughing in no time! They are awesome and very supportive and someone is always there to answer your questions and offer support. Glad you found it here - I'm not sure what I would do without it!

(I am also Canadian )
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Hi Meg,

I am also 23 and was diagnosed with Crohn's 7 years ago. Its hard but I find that being open and honest can often help. I'm looking forward to looking round this site for some support.
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Hi Meg
and welcome

It is scary at first, try not to get too depressed, we are here for you to offer support and advice, any questions, just fire away, and get yourself genned up on info about Crohns, but remember not to compare with others, we are all unique in our symptoms and how we respond to meds, and there are loads of threads about diet and treatment on the forum.
I couldn't tolerate Azathioprine (Imuran) it brought me out in hives!
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Hey if this might help you but ask your GI about remicade. All it is is a iv every 4-8 weeks (im on 4 weeks) but they can be extended to possibly 10 weeks. It worked like a miracle drug for me. My GI said the success percentage is 99.9%. The only reason it wouldn't work is if you had a allergic reaction witch most people only get a small rash. But remicade was a miracle drug for me so i thought i would tell you so this could possibly be your miracle drug

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welcome atvrider, perhaps you can tell us YOUR story in my story thread, would be nice to have you aboard and know who you are!! Glad you found us! Great info and some crazy people LOL. Everyone needs their miracle drug..still working on mine , welcome!

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