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my diagnosis

I have had symptoms of Crohn's disease for at least 3 years...looking back on it now. I had some mild bleeding with BMs that was intermittent but over the last year I had bleeding with every bowel movement. Also over this time I became lactose intolerant and sensitive to spicy foods. When the symptoms first started I talked to my PCP, my husband is in the the "docs" you see usually are not really MD's but PAs or nurses, I got the response, " it's probably just hemorrhoids" -from several different people too. I kept mentioning my father had colon cancer at 40 and my grandmother on my mom's side has UC. Finally I saw a doc who took my symptoms and family history seriously and gave me a GI referral. So one colonoscopy and capsule endoscope later and I am diagnosed with Crohn's colitis. My GI is thinking we caught it early, it's mild and should be very manageable. I started Apriso right away. At the end of 3 weeks my BMs were..."normal"...what? I had forgotten what NORMAL was! Then here comes some stress... finishing my degree, husband getting ready to go on deployment and BOOM, worse that I had ever been before. AWFUL... never had I had cramps so bad, one morning I was moaning in pain and my dog was super concerned at my feet...must have sounded bad to him. Currently using some hydrocortisone enemas to try and get the flare under control.
I have a few questions....anyone else on Apriso for Crohn's colitis? How's it working for you?
Also did anyone start out mild and manage to keep this disease in check??
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hydrocortisone enema
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I've never heard of Apriso. Sorry you're having a rough go of it. Maybe you need to be on stronger meds? Like Prednisone to get it under control?

Good luck, hope you feel better soon

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I never heard of Apriso either so I just looked it up. It's Mesalamine, the standard treatment. Just a different delivery mechanism.

Personally I was on Asacol. Similar, but many pills throughout the day - where Apriso is once daily. Another similar one is Pentasa.

Hopfully it keeps working for you and this current flare calms down.
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