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I made It

One month ago I was scared to drive one block in a car. As of yesterday I have driven from Chicago, through Iowa through Nebraska, down into Colorado, through the Rocky Mountains, through Utah, Down Nevada, to Southern California, to San Francisco, to Northern California!! A total of 4000 miles all on my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even remember feeling this good. It has been more than a decade of hell, but I can finally see the glory of remission!!! I'm not there yet, but give it a few more states then I think I will finally be there!!!
Shawn 24
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Good for you! Enjoy!
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You should be proud of your self.
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The best part is that I have told countless people about Crohn's and have meet so many fellow Crohnies along the way. The best way to "cure" Crohn's is to make people aware that it is a very real and very serious disease. I consider myself lucky to have Crohn's. Without it I would be a bum sitting on a couch playing video games.
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You have begun a new journey! Good luck to you!
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WOW!!!!!!! This is so fab to read!!!!!!!

I well remember your journey pre op Shawn and this is one helluva an inspiring post op journey.

So happy for you mate and long may it continue!

Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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Congratulations!!!! Doing the happy dance for you!!


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Wow! That is fantastic Well done you!!

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stickman, Welcome to the Success club--long may it last!
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And what an adventure!!
Very inspiring.
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I love you God.
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That is awesome news! I'm happy your getting the word out
Ileostomy from UC but doctors are now thinking crohns. Since Feb 14, 2011

I want to find a friend here in vancouver, washington with a stoma... I feel lonely.
Trying to stay gluten free.
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Shawn this is fab. I thank you for educating people along the way. Keep up the good work but more importantly, have a GREAT TIME!
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Congratulations for your accomplishment!!

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