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I feel like no matter what I eat it causes a flare up. And im frustrated, and eating less because im scared to eat. Any food suggestions? I realize crohns effects everyone differently but id still appreciate suggestions. Thanks guys
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I have been told to avoid/limit lactose and gluten. I was on low fibre for six months and was frightened of eating properly again. I am mainly vegetarian now, no processed foods, and lots of fresh salad and fruit. The pain is still bad but at least I am not continually dizzy. I am trying to be very good with avoiding gluten.
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I have found pasta and pizza send me into painful flare. Sadly my favourite foods too
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I'm on a diet from my GI - similar to the FODMAP - it has helped with the D for the last 2 weeks but this is not a diet you should do for long - just about 2 weeks to get your system on the mend. If any of these items cause you to flare - skip them. It has been very boring but I don't have to live off lomotil like I was every single day!

Water, ginger ale, sprite, gatorade
Soy/rice milk & based products
Potato - baked or boiled (no fries)
Plain fish, chicken, turkey, ham (no seasonings)
Eggs - soft boiled, poached
Margarine, jams, jellies, peanut butter
Cereals - plain cornflakes, corn/rick chex, cheerios, Rice Krispies
Breads - french, italian, whole white, english muffins, white rolls
Plain pasta, noodles, white rice
In small amounts - applesauce, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew
In small amounts - fruit cocktail, peaches, pears (canned, Non dietetic)
Salads - lettuce - oil & vinegar only - I've steered away from salad for now
Cooked peas, carrots (avoid raw vegis)
No sauces or gravies

Hope that helps!
Diagnosises - Mast Cell Activation Disorder, IBD Small Intestine-duodenum-villi blunted, Bile Acid/Fat Malabsorption, Chronic nausea-vomiting/pain, esophageal dismotility, mucosal edema, acid hypersecretion, Lymphocytic Colitis, Ocular Migraines, gallbladder removed

Current Meds: H1 H2 Anti Histamines, PPI, Enteragam, Lomotil, Phenergan, Percoset

Meds that did not work: Pentasa, Lialda, Zenpep, Entocort EC, Carafate, Elavil, Lotronex, Desipramine, Questran/Welchol severe bloating/pain.

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