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A little worried about starting Humira...

Hi everyone! I've not really posted much since I joined but feel I'm in good company to moan/ask advice as I don't think anyone around me really gets what it's like to need a medication!

I got ill about a year and a half ago and was given the Crohn's diagnosis about 8 or so months ago. The doc started me on Budesonide (9mg) until they did all the blood tests to see if I would be able to take Aza and when they all came back ok I started Aza. I wasn't on it for long as I started to get pains across my stomach and even though the blood tests were incomplete the symptoms point to it causing me problems with my pancreas. I stopped taking Aza and was given 3 options for what to take but had to wait until the specialist discussed it with another doc.

Anyway...I got a call today saying that because they think the Aza caused me problems the first option of the pill related to Aza was out. The second option was definitely out as they told me if I became pregnant I would have to have a termination - I'm not planning on getting pregnant soon but if I did by chance I wouldn't want to go through that! The last option was Humira.

I'm totally fine with injecting myself but after reading various websites I'm terrified of the possible side effects as a lot of people on this forum seem to be too!

I guess all I need is a bit of symptoms aren't all that bad at all but understand that even though I might feel ok the inflammation is still there.

What sort of side effects have you had? Did they clear up? If this doesn't agree with me are there any more options?
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Hi Calligator

I've been on Humira about a year and half, have serve crohn's and it has helped a lot. The injects don't hurt and I really haven't had any noticeable side effects. That most likely varies person to person. I don't like taking Humira but it's the lesser of two evils between full blown raging crohn's and some what of a normal life free of many of the symptoms this disease bless's us with.
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The benefits of Humira are far greater than the possibility of side effects. Most people don't get side effects of Humira at all, and are on it for years. I know it can be scary, but if it helps you to feel good it is worth it.
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It not all that bad (for me). I was very apprehensive but after three and a half years on the H I feel the best I have in 20 years!
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Hang in there! I've been on Humira for 8 months and I was scared about it at first. I don't have the stomach pain that I used to have and once I was shown how to give myself the shots, I was relieved. The bloodwork shows that it is working on my insides. I work around small children who always have colds, etc and I haven't been sick except for one cold. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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So far I have only been on Humira since December 18, but it is working really well for me. I had no symptoms after the loading doses. Now I have some, but they are not too bad, and I still feel better off on the Humira than off. I am a very anxious person and literally become terrified I will drop dead the same day as the shot every time I get it. I take xanax to help that. It is scary, but I agree when everyone else says it is best to give it a shot. They wouldn't suggest it if you didn't need it IMO. Good luck
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I've been on Humira for about 4 months. I didn't start to work for me until 3 months in, but I now have much less stomach pain and my guts are getting a chance to heal.

I've had a side effect of bad anemia, but dealing with that is better than active Crohn's for sure!
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I've just started and so far I feel better, having a lot less pain. I did get headache/eye pain the night after my shots but that's all.

I'm still on Pred also.

Like you I had the option. I choose the shots over Remicade

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