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Amtriptyline and other crohns meds.

Hey gang, iv been suffering from constant lingering, tension type headaches, getting really over it, I'm gonna ask my doctor to let me try Amtriptyline, but I'm just wondering if anyone on here is also on other crohns cocktails... Im on remicade, imuran, pentasa and tapering from pred after a recent flare.. I'v also just commenced bone sparing therapy (can't remember the name of it which is very ignorant of me but it's similar to bisphosphinates except has a shorter half life). Anyway any advice would be appreciated, I.e what dose do you guys use? How long should i expect it to start working, what should I be careful of etc
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I am only allow paracetamol for pain at moment and crohns meds in my signure.

Good luck Josh.
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I love Amitriptyline. I took it while I was on pred. In fact I was first prescribed it to deal with the insomnia pred caused - which it did perfectly and then some.

I take 150mg ami usually. You might have to adjust the dose a bit to find what helps you, the dosage can be anywhere from 10mg to 300mg depending on the condition it's treating and your tolerance of side effects - it does have a lot of potential side effects - and while it can have some effects from the first time you take it, others take weeks to make themselves felt.

Mixing it with pred was kind of like a perfect storm for me, it worked far better than I'd ever expected, not just curing the insomnia, but having wonderful effects on my emotions (it's an anti-depressant) that I'd never realised I needed until I was on it. It stopped me getting diarrhoea also - in fact went too much in the opposite direction, and I had to take laxatives until I got an ileostomy.

So yes, it's a very complex and unpredictable med. You'll need to be aware of your doctor's advice, and watch carefully any mental and physical changes for several weeks. It isn't good for some people, and I can imagine that many doctors will be wary of prescribing it, let alone alongside Crohn's meds. But I hope you'll get to try it.

There's a support group here: Ask any questions you might have.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Amtriptyline and other crohns meds.
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