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Pred moon face forever?

I'm gaining weight like crazy
Moon face

Help !

I feel like I'm gaining weight everyday.
I'm not over eating.
I don't know what to do!
Anyone have a prednisone diet ?
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Once you are off prednisone, the moon face/weight gain should hopefully stop! I only had it happen for me the first time I went on prednisone - after that I never dealt with weight gain again. Hopefully it will be the same for you!

Prednisone affects everyone differently, though. For me it never affected my appetite, so any weight in my face was just water-weight bloating me so it was temporary.
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I'm currently having the same problem, I have heard a low salt diet can help though, also like theOcean said, once you start getting to a lower dose, the moon face should go back down.
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Most of the weight gain that pred can cause comes from an increased appetite, so if you're not experiencing that or are able to ignore the hunger, you won't be gaining much. The moon-face and bloating it can cause regardless of food intake, but it should go away pretty quickly when you're off the med.

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