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Buying advice for a Bidet Seat?

Hi everyone,

I've had U.C for several years now, and I'm no stranger to the "wiping fatigue" that we get from having to use the toilet so often. I've been really interested in trying a bidet, and in fact I was so close to using one, but chickened out at the last second lol. Finding a bidet in the United States is practically unheard of, so most of us are unfamiliar with them.

At any rate, Costco just had a sale on a seat called the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Luxury Bidet Seat. I missed the sale, but thought I can now use this opportunity to do some research. I found that the Brondell Swash 1000 seems to be the go-to seat, but at $600 USD, it's a steep price. I'm not even sure if I need all of the fancy features it has.

With all of that said, do any of you here own a Bidet Seat you could recommend, or even what features you think should be most important (self-sanitizing, water heater, air dryer, etc.)

Many thanks, and good health to you!
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Yes, my husband and I have seen that. I think, if we hadn't boughten ours we'd have thought about buying that! The one we got was from amazon and it comes in a kit that attaches to your toilet. I should use it more often, but haven't quite gotten the hang of using it.

I know that Cat-a-tonic owns a bidet and loves it! She's actually the one who encouraged me to get one!
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That was the Bio Bidet, right? Thank you for posting!

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