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Does anyone know how quickly fistulas can form? The doctors want us to be very aggressive in treating my newly diagnosed teenager, but other than one fistula/abscess, the doctor said her intestines don't look too bad. I'm thinking if we opt for a milder treatment, how soon would she need an MRI or scope to be sure new fistulas are not forming. I am also wondering what percentage of Crohn 's patients have fistulizing form of the disease.
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They progress very quickly, from my experience. I would absolutely be aggressive in treating it, because there's a chance it may not ever heal, and aggressive forms of treatment (biologics and immunosuppressants) increase your chances of it healing.

Definitely get it checked out and treated as soon as possible.
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ANYONE ANYONE? I am an ulcerative Colitis a jpouch survivor I have had real serious pain going on in inside opening. I don't know if its a fistula or an abscess this has progressively gotten worse over the past 7 years and is now shooting pain up into my groin I have acute pain like ice pick in side of my ass and a deeper hollow pain. it takes my breath away and I am so fatigued. i don't have fever and no obvious discharge just deep itch. what ever it is, It is not showing up on MRI or any other scans and they cant see anything is what i am being told. I have been begging to have some kind of ultrasound done on the area and I keep getting shut down and side tracked into something else that wont work. the pain is so bad and I have been given every topical ointment under the sun and even put on gabapinton because DOCS were trying to say it was neurological. NEUROLOGICAL MY ARSE! I am so debilitated my life is a travesty and all I want is to be well. someone has got to know how to deal with this help
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I don't have crohns, at least i don't think. a few years ago i got a colonoscopy and they said i had ibs and hemmorhoids that were causing discomfort. I was okay with that diagnosis. I have endometriosis and have gotten two laparoscopies and my pain has gone away for the most part. However, I still have a burning sensation in my private area all the time. I used to think it was just endometriosis or me having a sensitive bladder but I'm starting to think I have a fistula. The reason is because when I pass gas, I swear it comes from the other end sometimes. I used to just ignore it because my doctor told me my colon was very close to my uterus and whatnot but I still don't think thats a good enough reason. Can't doctors, like those who have done my colonoscopy, have spotted this "fistula" or is it not very visible? My gyno also never says anything but I'm wondering is there something visible to be looking for? Im pretty embarassed and feel i have enough problems as is, especially for how young i am. Ive been researching and getting freaked out, does gas from the vagina and burning pain sound like a fistula? I don't think ill go to my gyno for this, too embarrassing. I think a colorectal surgeon from what i've read would be a better option? If anyone with any experience or what to visibly look for please tell me. I don't have any other symptoms and this has been going on for like 4 years now.
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I am new to this forum. My son has Crohn's disease, is age 32, and was diagnosed 20 years ago. Still struggles with this awful disease. He recently had his 5th surgery, in NYC, and had stricture plasty and resection. He was hospitalized for 8 days, came home, and now, a month later, is back in the hospital here in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The Drs. are saying they THINK he has two abscesses around the surgical site and he is on iv antibiotics, a picline for nutrition and , of course, opiates for the pain. He has been in 8 days now, and even after ct scan and MRI, they say the situation is stable. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN????? Still want him to continue the antibiotics, which causes diarrhea. He is currently on cimzia as well. He said he is tired of all this and wants to be done with the antibiotics. He is hypersensitive to meds and he can't eat all foods-has allergic reactions. He was started back on liquid diet and says even that can cause spasm, while the Docs say it is just his intestines waking up!!!! any ideas?
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I've been told recently (well, June, which counts as recent in terms of the medical 'machine'!) that the inflammation in my small intestine is pressing against the wall of my bladder. There's no fistula present yet but I'm guessing it's just a matter of time until the tissue binds and a fistula develops. I'm keeping a weather eye on it by doing the poppy seed test, something I read about in one of the endless journals & articles I've trawled through. Basically, we don't digest poppy seeds and because they are so small they will pass through a fistula and appear in one's urine. It's rather weird gazing at your own pee, looking for small black seeds but it's by no means the strangest thing I've done since being diagnosed....

This might be useful for someone who's concerned they're developing a colovesical or enterovesical fistula.

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I have had corhns for 17 years and a month ago I had a large bump form to the right of my belly button and had a fair amount of pain. The pain did start a few months back but it was bareable. Once in hospital CT showed a abscess. Had it drained they said there wasn't enough fluid to put a tube in. That night ran a high temp and had some pain. In the morning the resident G I seen me and said sometimes that the fluid can get sprayed around causing the temp to be high. About 4 hours later I felt a lot of pressure to my right and above my belly button when t tried to pass gas. GI doctors came back and sent me for another CT and it showed abscess was bigger. So I had it drained and a drainage tube in. I was let out of hospital two days after draining. After about a week of being home the skin to the right of my belly button turned and started to boil. It popped and pices of corn, green beans and carrots came out also. Now 2 and a half weeks later the draining has slowed. But two days ago there was a pice of corn that came out and other pices of skin. And today I had a pea and some skin come out too. All of this I haven't ate for two and a half weeks. Anyone ever had food come from an abdominal fistula, abscess? I'm on 4 different kinds of antibiotics. 2 for abscess and 2 for fistula.
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Thanks for sharing your story. Were you on the intro scd diet when your fistula healed? Or which portion?

Hard for me to do intro due to being mostly vegeterian, though I do eat eggs and fish

Appreciate your support
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Very informative, thank you
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I am currently taking prednisone for an abscess in my small intestine. Stayed in the hospital for 5 days over thanksgiving npo with a drain being inserted by interventional radiology. I was discharged on Percocet and prednisone and sent home with my drain having clear and very little output. After ten days of antibiotics the pain got worse again. Came back to the ER for them to repeat MRI and now not only has by abscess grown from 4 cm to 6 cm, there is a new one next to it. I am 22 weeks pregnant with my third child. My gi dr started me on entyvio and I have had two loading doses/ infusions. They were hoping the entyvio would help but I have read it takes along time to start working. Clearly it hasn't yet. Now I am in hospital trying to decide between surgery / resection of part of my si or doing two more drains and waiting until the end of my pregnancy to operate. I have no idea what to choose. The drains are horrible. I have one and I can't imagine having two with a baby getting bigger and causing more pressure. They said I could need more drains between now and end of pregnancy if another abscess pops up.
Any advice on trying surgery during a flare? I know I don't want surgery but it is seeming that it is eventually going to happen according to surgeon. Any advice greatly appreciated. Scared that if I do surgery I could end up with ostomy? And if I opt to do drains i stead of surgery they will not operate in third trimester, due to baby's being too big to have clear margins.

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