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Initial side effects of Salofalk (Mesalamine)

Hi Guys,

I'm hoping there is someone on the forum who can give me some advice based on their experience with Mesalamine.

Since I've started the drug I've been having some side effects including

I'm wondering if these side effects are just my body getting used to the new medication and are temporary or if they will be a permanent while i'm on Mesalamine?

If its just my body getting used to the drug, how long does that normally take? I don't really want to start a new medicine because this one seems to work well for me, but the side effects make working full time a battle.

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Hello Tim,

I was on this for a short time , everyones experience might differ

but I ended up with fluid in my hip and couldnt even walk , the docs said at the start that it was part of this stuff , then when I was leaving they where saying it wasnt due to the Mesalazine

and the amount I needed to take made me purchase 1.0gm sachets and 0.5 sachets also which cost me $429 as its not on medicare as its a new drug

I did feel Nausea at the start
and I have got Acne from it also throughout

I also weened off Prednisolone to get to Mesalazine, which mast the pain of my hip

so now Ive just started today the Sulphasalazine which I was told my wee is going to go very orange and if I ware contacts they would follow , ( the warning was if I see yellow my liver is just about toast )

and Ive got a ton of the mesalazine left too , I think about 150 sachets

I hope there was any helpfull info for you there

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hi there,
i had some side effects:-
stomach pain,
salofalk enemas were the worst. they instantly were rejected and came straight back out. i found taking my dose at night the easiest to manage, otherwise, i'd look pregnant all day. My Gi didnt believe me when i said im intollerant of 5asa's. He said i had IBS awell.
ive tried pentasa, asacol, salofalk and mezavent XL. enemas and oral.

Eventually when i ended up in hospital with pancreatitis i came of them and havent touched them since.

Who knows how much damage they did to me. bloating and pain are symptoms of pancreatitis.

But hey, its all trial and error.
you may need to tweek your dose or switch to a sulpha free version.

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My initial issues were migraines... never had those before, don't want them again. There was some confusion over the best way to take them... pharmacist and doctors told me to take with meals... but after that didn't work out so well, the manufacturers site said to eat, wait approx. 1 hour, then take them. That helped with nausea and heartburn, but those headaches... and only when I took them. Finally, one of the docs at the GI clinic suggested I take them 3 + 2 + 3 per day VS the prescribed 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 method that I was using. Don't know why, but that ended my migraines completely.
Only other issue (and I'm hoping it is harmless in the long term) is that they darkened my urine... exact same colour as the pills. I've been on 4G of Salofalk longer than LDN.

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My personal experience with Salofalk was absolutely terrible.
I got an allergic reaction within 5 days of consuming it, I had massive acne all over my upper chest and shoulders.

I felt suddenly really fatigued on it as well, and headaches here and there.
I quit taking it back in June, and I have scars left on my shoulders from the acne.
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I never had any problems with mesalamine pills, suppositories or enemas. I initially had nausea with the pills, but it wasn't too bad and went away after about 2 weeks.

Good luck to you!
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Has this medication caused anyone's menstrual cycle to become irregular? :-(
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Sorry, can't help ya there. Had a hysterectomy long before taking mesalamine.
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I have been on salofalk/mesalazine for 18 years and have not experienced any major side affects
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I have been on salofalk/mesalazine for 18 years and have not experienced any major side affects
Welcome to the Forum nickybee
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I take Somac which helps reduce nausea/heartburn associated with mesalasine. I take somac 1hr before food then mesalasine immediately after food. I haven't experienced otjer side effects so I'm not sure.
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I've been taking salofalk pills daily for 2 years and the enemas when I'm flaring. Initially, i got a bit of heartburn but that's seemed to have gone away now. It was the first medication i was prescribed and it worked quite well. Hopefully it stays that way.

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