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Please any help with son

My 22 year son was just dignosed with UC. He is currently experiencing vomiting every morning and diraherra. He can't drink water, makes him sick, and seems to only be able to drink watered down Gatorade. He has a hard time sitting up for long periods and standing is difficult. Afternoons he can eat and drink fairly well but is still weak. He's taking Lialda and 29mg of Prednisone. Is this normal? Should he be in the hospital? I keep telling him to go but he refuses, stubborn independent son. He is in another state and I'm very worried. Please if anyone else has experience with this same situation what worked for you? He's going on four weeks of being ill. I'm about ready to get on a plane to drag him to the hospital.
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He probably does really need to see someone. I am sure he is dehydrated at the very least. Strongly encourage him to call his doc at the very least
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Got him to go to ER they gave him an IV and meds. Also increased his prednisone to 60mg.
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Glad he ended up going to the ER, hopefully he starts feeling better soon! Sounded like he was dehydrated and weak as he prob was not absorbing anywhere near the nutrients his body needs to keep him going.I would suggest he see his regular doctor asap in regards to the vomiting and diarrhea. If gatorade was ok, maybe try a electrolye/salt substitute that he can mix in with water that will be better than gatorade. I find it helps. Also might be good to check in with what he is eating food wise.

I was diagnosed last year (22Male) and i found it difficult at first to deal with it on my own as I am currently in school. Not sure on your son's situation, but i got to know a doc at my school clinic really well. I see him frequently and generally go through the clinic before i jump into the line at the hospital. I too was avoiding the hospital/clinic at first, but over time my doc and i developped a relationship and now it's part of my routine to check in with him. (The GI I see who Dx me is located quite a ways away).
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He is in the military so it makes it difficult to deal with getting to the doctors. He is trying to find a GI doctor he can go to on a regular basis. He's just changed his diet. He had been eating mainly carbs, had him switch to mainly proteins (eggs, chicken, soups, rice). Will definitely mention the substitute for Gatorade. Thank you! How long before you were feeling better again.
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Carried, I am sorry your son is not doing well and I understand you are worried. Neither prednisolone (used short term to fight inflammation) nor lialda are really long term effective drugs (well, for UC lialda, which is mesalamine, is a bit more useful than for Crohn's patients). It can take a long time after a diagnosis until people accept it and really inform themselves about long term managment of the illness.

My advice would be to ask your son to at least get an appointment with a specialiZed GI to talk about long term management of UC.
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