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Diabetic and UC

I am new here. I am a 46 year old mom of three and grandma to one. Been suffering with extream diarrhea/much and blood for about four months. Found out I was diabetic and hypothyroid last week and went for colonoscopy yesterday. After my colonoscopy dr said my colon was nasty. Foul smelling full of puss and took 18 biopsies diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis. Then he ordered some other blood work to test my liver said he was going on holiday for a week and call him for results when he is back. I am so frighten can anyone tell me what you think the 18 samples are from? I read online that it is most likely cancer if more than one polyp but dr did not use the word polyp. Any insight would be great good or bad please be honest.

And I am also looking at food I should eat with UC and it is awful confusing because I should stay away from fiber and being diabetic I need the fiber. Oh boy!!!!
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Hi. I've had both UC and Crohns, then this past winter developed diabetes. My IBD has been under control for over 5 years, so I have no active ulceration from either intestinal disease. Which means fibre does not impact me too much. In your case, fibre may cause increased pain.. fibre isn't digested, so the body eventually rids itself of it.. and that can mean more wear/tear on your ulcerated tract.. and more fecal matter to pass. To balance a diabetic diet, it is recommended to eat foods higher in fibre, as it offsets sugars or carbs (which turn into sugar). I would suggest seeking the help of a qualified nutritionist/dietician to see if there are foods low in fibre, and also low in suger or carbs, you can eat as a substitute. For example, in my case, whenever I crave carbs, or rice, or pasta... I turn to cooked carrots, things like that. done in a pressure cooker, cooked until very tender (not al dente) I find them easy to digest (I have internal scar tissue) yet tasty and filling. You can also avoid carbs, sugars AND fibre by eating more protein.

Now, as for the cancer... had a couple of close calls with it too. Thing of it is, pseudo polyps CAN mask tumors... so, if any of your internal scar tissue presents these polyps, a doctor is obligated to check the areas around them for signs of cancer. Doesn't mean you have it, or are going to get it... just that your doctor is being very cautious, OK?

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