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What now?

So I had my first colonoscopy on july 3 and About two weeks ago I got a call from a nurse at my dr. office. All She said was, the results came back positive for ulcerative colitis, then she asked what pharmacy I wanted them to call my perscription in to. I didnt get any info/ explanation nothing.
When I went to pick it up I was told it would be 1300$... no way i could pay that and they said its every month...

Now I dont have insurance, I'm only 22yo I've had to cut my hours back at work becouse im always realy sick in the morning, Im applying for the oregon health plan. but im not sure how long thats going to take or how much it will even help.
Im just confused as to what I should do At this point. I was hoping maybe you guys would have some Ideas or suggestions. thanks
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Find another Doctor! They work for you. You deserve converation with your doctor about your disease and treatment, My doctor was very concerned about cost and sais that there were other options if insurance was high on the medicine that she prescribed.
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Do you know what med they prescribed? Some meds have assistance programs.

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