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Confused and frustrated

Hello Everyone,

I would like to say how fantastic I think this sub forum is. For the first time in forever I feel like I am not a 'hypacondriac' (spelling?)

I have had some advice from a couple of members on here so far advising me that what I thought is true. That I need some more tests. I would like to share a list of all of my symptoms that I have had over the last ten years but more so over the last two. I would really appreciate your thoughts on what maybe going as I am so confused and frustrated with the care I receive. I'm 28 and have a two year old and six year old to look after as well as manage a call centre full time and I just fell like curling up in a ball as I am in so much pain and discomfort almost every day. Please see my symptoms below:-

Diarrohea with bleeding and mucus
Extreme bloating and abdominal pain
Feeling sick but only vomitting this week
Sore eyes
Flu symptoms at least twice a month
Lack of concentration
Adhesions found on laparoscopy linking bowel to left tube but no prior surgery
Loss of appetite only in the last week
Hospitilised with septecimia this year
Hospitilised with small bowel obstruction which cleared itself this year
Negative colonoscopy and biopsies although I was told there was inflamation and prescribed mebeverine for IBS (which is doing nothing)
Bloods sometimes showing infection and sometimes not, they once showed lacking in B12 and the next time didn't
Night sweats

My brother also has crohns and has had a bowel resection as he was extremely ill.

I am at a loss as the docs do not seem to be rushing any more tests. I am seeing my GI doc next month so I have made a diary along with pics of my bloating and bloody diarrohea. Sounds mad I know but I want them to help me as I know that this is not right.

thanks for letting me rant like I said I would appreciate any advice. I have been told that my small intestine could be the cause of my problems but then would my diarrohea be bright red? CONFUSED

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Keep the diary going. It is vital for your care. I wish I had as the years in Canada are vague as far as my care went and names of drugs and the 3 surgeries. Now, in Idaho, and after 40 years it is hard to remember anything. It is important to keep seeing new GI until you find one you are comfortable with. It is not an easy disease to deal with as it is so individual. And docs seem frustrated as much as you!

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