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Another Update

I saw a general surgeon about my digestive issues. I saw him before about another issue. He thinks I should have further testing done, like a scope. He wants a GI to order those tests. He also spoke with my GP.

She agrees that I should get further testing/a scope. She spoke with the GI who didn't help me. He wants me to be on a regular bowel regimen. Like take Miralax or something. Right now, he doesn't seem to want to do anything else. That's the GI who dismissed the reports from my ER visit and hospitalization.

I'm supposed to see that GI again next month. I really don't want to see him. I'm not allowed to see another GI at that clinic. There is another surgeon at another office who specializes in colitis. I may be able to see her instead.
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Hello Caeryn
Sorry to hear of your problems and do hope you can get them resolved.
It is very important that you find a good GI with whom you are able to relate.
The one you have seen does not sound very helpful ---to say the least.
You really need someone to relate to and feel comfortable with especially with a chronic illness.
A GI specialist is to be preferred sooner than a surgeon.
Do you find your GP helpful to you, if so why don't you tell her the problem and ask to be referred to another GI.
There is a list of GI doctors of other forum members that you might find helpful under the Doctor Directory at the top of this page.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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It definitely sounds like you need to get a scope! I am so sorry you have not gotten anywhere with this GI. So the GI has been told by this surgeon that you need a scope? Can you go back to your GP and get another refferal for an entirely new clinic to see another GI? It sounds like you need to actively get away from this particular doctor. On the other hand though, in my experience, I have watched my doctors go from "there is nothing wrong" to "you have MCTD". So, you might still get somewhere. Either way, I really hope you are able to get on the right track soon! They cannot rule out Crohn's until they have more tests after that CT scan that showed inflammation.
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My GP is helpful. She seems to listen to my concerns. She spoke with that GI and the surgeon. She and the surgeon think a scope is a good idea. Like I said, the GI doesn't to want to do anything else. He didn't even want to order IBD blood marker tests or tests for inflammation.

I have financial assistance through the hospital. Each clinic runs differently. My GP asked if I can see another GI. The GI clinic will not let me see another doctor, unless this one leaves. I don't have insurance, so my choices are limited. I can still see the surgeon who specializes in colitis. Maybe she will help.

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