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Crohn's and IBD and arthritis

Can you take arthritis meds with IBD or Crohn's? my doctor told me to stop taking Diclofenac I'm in pain
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It depends
Are you seeing a rheumatologist and GI ?
They need to talk and figure out what would be best
Most woth both take a biologic that treats both

Ds has both
He was on humira plus methotrexate plus Celebrex and volteran gel
For many years
He is now on Stelara plus mtx /Celebrex (low dose )
And volteran gel
We added swimming in a hot water pool
Hot packs
Ice packs
And hot paraffin wax

He canít up his Celebrex since that increases GI symptoms
Last scope looked ok so GI was ok with continued use of Celebrex

Ds canít handle ibuprofen or Monica at all

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You can try different NSAIDS - my daughter has both IBD and spondyloarthritis. She has been kept on NSAIDs because her arthritis is much worse than her Crohn's.

Celebrex is usually what is used since it's easier on the stomach. A PPI can be added to protect the stomach, or Zantac. Voltaren is usually pretty hard on the stomach, but other NSAIDs like Mobic and Celebrex are used often for people with arthritis and IBD.

In addition to NSAIDs, biologics and Methotrexate are used for arthritis and IBD. The anti-TNFs are most commonly used - Remicade, Humira, Cimzia, Simponi. Stelara is another option - an IL-12 and IL-23 inhibitor.

My daughter has needed a biologic plus immunomodulator plus NSAID. We also use Voltaren gel and ice packs and heat. Swimming helps a lot too as well as regular physical therapy and massage.
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