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First appt with gastro, so disappointed, but not a loss.

So after after weeks of initial tests and 17 weeks of being on the waiting list to see a gastro doc I had my first appointment this morning. After waiting 35 mins past my time even though it was first thing, I was informed my almost 4 month wait was apparently listed as urgent (the norm is 8 months). For some reason I have only just been referred for a scope even though it was obvious back in March that I needed one. It will be another 2 month wait for a colonoscopy and apparently that's also an urgent waiting time, the norm is 6 months. Only good thing to come out of today was my family history of bowel cancer is apparently too distant to warrant any concern for me at this stage in my life even with IBD. And I shouldn't need steroids and will most likely start azathioprine when officially diagnosed.

This isn't just a little rant, just another cautionary tale that these are the waiting times in NHS if you're suffering but not near death. I know I should be grateful it's not urgent but I'm starting college in September and I really thought it would all be out of the way by then, but it would appear things will only get started by then.

Good luck to everyone else who is in limbo, your will time will come.

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I hope the best for you. Hang in there.
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Hello Lee
That is so heartless and appalling
Have you contacted your MP to let them know the situation.They are more sensitive near to election times.If more people did this it would help to effect changes in the system.
Itís the politicians that hold back the funding for hospital staffs plus a system which gives priority to private patients.
I am so sorry that the medical system inflicts greater suffering on patients.
Go to emergency if things get bad for you.
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Hi Lee.
Don't be afraid to "rant."
I would be frustrated too, and pissed off, if I was in your situation.
Your health is at risk because of a system that appears broken.
Sending you support, hope, prayers and good health.
We all care about you.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » First appt with gastro, so disappointed, but not a loss.
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