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Thanks again Crohn 2357. I have avoided clinical trials one because I didn't
want to get stuck with the placebo and second for the reasons mentioned above regarding not being able to get follow up treatments, like some on the SSI TRIAL.
I went for the fistula plug therapy as there were no placebos and i don't have to stop any current meds, MTX and anti TNF or Entyvio.
Also if successful I would still continue those meds to control inflammation
One of the hopes for stem cells is they offer long lasting effects.
My extremely knowledgable GI says PA crohns affects 30% of Crohns patients and there is little research being done as it is very stubborn so the risk reward isn't there.
Indeed for me the inflammation healed up with entyvio/MTX but the darn fistula just won't stop. Nothing much left to try so here's hoping my fistula isn't too complex and they take me.
DX. Crohns 50 yrs. with fistulas for 20 years until remicade
Meds: MTX,ENTYVIO 9/14' augmentin,
pred. 10mg.
d3, calcium, k2' magnesium, resveratrol,
Turmeric,paleo, bone broths
Past: humira no response after 6 mos., remicade amazing for 10 years then stopped working.
6mp, Imuran never helped nasty side effects liver problems, caught pneumonia
Asacol, rowasa no response
Flagyl worked well but got PN cipro same.
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Don't forget your own urine! Yes, it is completely safe to drink. I'm using it to treat chronic renal failure, a well-known side effect of mesasalazine.

Stem cells in urine easy to isolate and have potential for numerous therapies

July 31, 2013
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Could harvesting stem cells for therapy one day be as simple as asking patients for a urine sample? Researchers have identified stem cells in urine that can be directed to become multiple cell types.
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Now wouldn't it also make sense to also try stem cell therapy on somewhat-healthy Crohn's sufferers? For example, in my case I was diagnosed in '07, quickly flew through drugs like Pentasa, 6-Merc, Apriso, and Lialda, now taking Remicade. I've got severe inflammation but have yet to need something so serious as surgery. Would it make sense to still contact them just for information or to see what they say?
Hi Patrick. Getting information is always a good idea, especially if you are still looking for different kinds of treatment. Stem Cell therapy is non invasive and may be a great option for you. May I recommend contacting Stem Cell of America, they are a reputable business with treatments performed in Mexico.
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New to the forum. Crohns for 9+ years. Been moderately severe the whole time (with a little remission in-between). I've been through Remicade, Humira, Entivio, and a whole bunch of pills (steroids, pentasta, etc) and while I'm on double dose Entivio it's not working. While it's not working, I am in the best health I've been in for years, so I am going to Mayo for a signoidoscopy and a consult for surgery (illiostomy bag, maybe forever).

Is there any chance stem cells could work for me? I have a TON of questions.

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Thereís a new documentary by filmmaker Eric Merola about the worldwide use of fetal stem cell injections. Itís called The God Cells, you can watch the trailer on the website if you look it up on google. This is definitely something that both proponents and opponents of stem cell research should see.

I also know that since the film is just being released they are having a few premieres in NY at Cinema Village and LA at Laemmle Music Hall.
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Sorry for these noob question but what can be excepted for a stem cell treatment for Crohn ?

A complete cure ?

Can this repair a stenosis ? Because i have one and don't want surgery....

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Aloha, My son is 16 years old. He was diagosed when he was 9 years old. He has not been in remission since his original diagosis. Heís tried Humara, prednison with no luck. Iím very couriuous about stem cell treatment for crohnís.
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There is a new stem cell clinical trial starting for patients in the UK, see . From what I understand the previous study of about 50 patients showed it to work effectively, however the treatment was very toxic to the patients (I think someone actually died during the trial). So this new trial uses a lower dose of chemotherapy to hopefully make it safer. Anyone got any thoughts? My consultant said I would probably be suitable for it, I'm not sure whether to go for it or not, I'm running out of other options other than surgery otherwise.

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